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Texting with thumbs.

Thumb tribe or sometimes thumb generation [1] is the younger generation with members who are more adept at texting using their thumbs than talking on the phone. [2] [3] [4] The concept identifies a trend among young people who use mobile phones for many activities, such as texting, email, entertainment, and conversations, as opposed to using keyboards with traditional desktop computers, [5] and marks a shift in the favorite digit such that activities typically done by the forefinger, such as pointing at things or ringing doorbells, are being done with the thumb. [6] The term thumb tribe has been used by marketers to identify younger consumers [5] and in politics to identify persons who are not part of the younger generation, such as American politician Mitt Romney, who may have a mobile phone but does not use it dexterously. [7] [8] According to researchers, this has led to the thumb being physically stronger and more flexible for many young people. [9] There are medical implications as well; excessive use of thumbs can lead to muscle pain and possible occupational problems.


The term thumb tribe was first used in Japan to identify the "younger generation of Japanese texters". [10] Japanese youth used their keitai or mobile phone to download music, access Japan's version of Myspace called mixi, surf the web, check train timetables and so forth. [11] This group is identified as a common source of smart mobs that assemble seemingly spontaneously. [12] The Japanese texting style relies heavily on the thumb, according to a report in NBC News . [13]

They've grown up in a world that is dynamically different from the one we lived in. What kind of cars do they want? And what gadgets? They don't even use computers - computers now perceived as going the way of B&W television. At what point do their childhood toys and t'ween technology devices merge? And what future outcomes do they, and marketer-manufacturers expect?

H. Martin Calle, 2007 [5]

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