Thunderbox (album)

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ReleasedFebruary 1974
RecordedOlics Sound
Genre Hard rock, R&B
Label A&M
Producer Steve Marriott
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Eat It
Street Rats
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Thunderbox is the seventh studio album by English hard rock group Humble Pie, released in 1974. It reached number 52 on the US Billboard 200 album chart. The planned UK release was cancelled.



Twelve songs appear, seven of them covers, "Grooving With Jesus" originally released by The Violinaires; Ann Peebles song "I Can't Stand the Rain" once referred to by John Lennon as the perfect single; "Anna (Go to Him)" originally written and performed by Arthur Alexander and recorded by The Beatles on their first album; and "Oh La-De-Da" by The Staple Singers. [2]

The word Thunderbox is a seventeenth century slang word for the toilet, [3] which gives an example of Humble Pie's sense of humour. [4] The cover shows a keyhole through which a woman can be seen sitting on a toilet.

Track listing

  1. "Thunderbox" (Marriott, Clempson)
  2. "Groovin' with Jesus" (Gene Barge, Bennie Swartz)
  3. "I Can't Stand the Rain" (Ann Peebles, Don Bryant, Bernard Miller)
  4. "Anna (Go to Him)" (Arthur Alexander)
  5. "No Way" (Marriott, Ridley)
  6. "Rally with Ali" (Marriott, Clempson, Ridley, Shirley)
  7. "Don't Worry, be Happy" (Marriott, Clempson, Ridley, Shirley)
  8. "Ninety-Nine Pounds" (Don Bryant)
  9. "Every Single Day" (Clempson)
  10. "No Money Down" (Chuck Berry)
  11. "Drift Away" (Mentor Williams)
  12. "Oh La-De-Da" (Phillip Mitchell) [1]


With Guest :

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15 February 1974OrlandoUnited States
16 February 1974MiamiMiami Stadium
17 February 1974TampaCurtis Hixon Convention Hall
19 February 1974Mobile
21 February 1974HamptonHampton Coliseum
22 February 1974RichmondRobins Centre
24 February 1974BaltimoreBaltimore Civic Centre
25 February 1974ToledoToledo Sports Arena
26 February 1974KalamazooMiller Auditorium
27 February 1974St LouisKiel Auditorium
1 March 1974Terre HauteHulman Centre
3 March 1974Knoxville
4 March 1974ChattanoogaMemorial Auditorium
6 March 1974UniondaleNassau Coliseum
8 March 1974HersheyHersheypark Arena
9 March 1974BinghamtonMemorial Arena
10 March 1974UticaMemorial Auditorium
11 March 1974BostonBoston Music Hall
13 March 1974BuffaloMemorial Auditorium
14 March 1974FlintIMA Auditorium
15 March 1974LouisvilleConvention Center
17 March 1974ColumbiaUniversity Auditorium
18 March 1974AtlantaThe Omni
22 March 1974MemphisEllis Auditorium
18 May 1974LondonUnited KingdomCharlton Football Ground
6 June 1974LondonRainbow Theatre
6 July 1974BuxtonBooth Farm
16 August 1974BilzenBelgiumDell
20 September 1974BracknellUnited KingdomSports Centre


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"Shine On" is a single released in 1971 by English rock outfit Humble Pie, one of the first supergroups of the 1960s. The song was written by Peter Frampton and was released by A&M Records. The B-side of the single is "Mister Ring", written by Greg Ridley.

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Extended Versions is a live album by Humble Pie, released in 2000, as part of BMG's Encore Collection. It has tracks taken from the King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents - Humble Pie In Concert, which was a 1996 release of a concert recorded on May 6, 1973 at San Francisco's Winterland Theatre. The only track not included here from that release is "I Don't Need No Doctor".

Marriott is Steve Marriott's debut solo album from 1976 and features a British and an American side, reflecting the make-up of the bands backing Steve Marriott. The British side includes former Humble Pie colleague Greg Ridley on bass and singing backing vocals.

The Blackberries were a female vocal trio composed of experienced backing vocalists. They backed various artists, including Pacific Gas & Electric, Humble Pie, Ringo Starr, and Pink Floyd. The Blackberries recorded for Motown's West Coast subsidiary, Mowest and A&M Records.


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