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Tiga or TIGA may refer to:




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The giant panda is a bear from the family Ursidae.

An egg is an organic vessel in which an embryo begins to develop.

KRS may refer to:

West Coast or west coast may refer to:

JB or J.B. may refer to:

Sri, SRI, or variation, may refer to:

Tiga Island, Malaysia Island of Sabah, Malaysia

Tiga Island is one of a group of small uninhabited islands in Kimanis Bay off the western coast of Sabah, Malaysia. The islands were formed on 21 September 1897, when an earthquake on Mindanao caused a volcanic eruption near Borneo. The island is 607 hectares in size and has a couple of active mud volcanos at the highest part of the island. Tiga Island is one of the three islands that make up Tiga Island National Park. The Park Headquarters are on the island, comprising an office complex, and accommodation for the park staff and visiting scientists.

Pontiac may refer to:

Jaz may refer to:

JV may refer to:

Kaya may refer to:

Magnum is a Latin word meaning "great".

A dam is a barrier obstructing flowing water.

A diva is a celebrated female singer.

Jati or JATI may refer to:

Bugatti was a French car manufacturer of high-performance automobiles.

Georgia usually refers to:

Victoria most commonly refers to:

Jetta may refer to:

Carree is a surname that is among a family of spelling variations including Carey, Carrie, Carrey, Cary. Notable people with this name include the following: