Tigertown Pictures

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Tigertown Pictures
Comet Gain Tigertown Pictures Album Cover.jpg
Studio album by
Released28 September 1999
Genre Indie pop
Label Flag of the United States.svg Kill Rock Stars [1]
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Where It's At
Comet Gain chronology
Magnetic Poetry
Tigertown Pictures
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svg [2]
Pitchfork Media 4.8/10 [3]

Tigertown Pictures is an album by British indie pop band Comet Gain. [4] It followed a change of record label to Kill Rock Stars and introduced a new band line-up with the exception of frontman/songwriter David Christian. [5]


Critical reception

CMJ wrote: "Boy/girl lead vocals, astoundingly rough time changes and drunken yet still meaningful lyrics make this effort another interesting episode in this band's soap-operatic career." [5]

Track listing

1."Record Collection"4:23
2."Skinny Wolves"3:16
3."Jack Nance Rising"5:07
4."Deficient Love"1:41
5."Germ of Youth/Ghosts of Sulphate"2:05
7."Transmission Lost"4:43
8."Hate Soul"3:27
9."When You Come Back I'll Feel Like Jesus Coming Off The Cross"4:32
10."Dreaming Of Tigertown"7:20
11."Saturday Night Facts Of Life"2:01
12."Ballad Of The Arms Of Cable Hogue"3:24
13."Jasper Johns"4:18
14."The Final Anesthetic"5:16


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Tigertown may refer to:

Uši (Ears) is an album by Czech band Už jsme doma. It was released in 1999 via Skoda Records.


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