Tigres Island

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Tigres Island
Native name:
Ilha dos Tigres
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Tigres Island
Location Atlantic Ocean
Coordinates 16°36′S11°41′E / 16.600°S 11.683°E / -16.600; 11.683 Coordinates: 16°36′S11°41′E / 16.600°S 11.683°E / -16.600; 11.683
Area98 km2 (38 sq mi)
Length20 km (12 mi)
Width6 km (3.7 mi)
Highest elevation30 m (100 ft)
Province Namibe Province
Ponta da Marca Lighthouse
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Tigres Island
LocationPonta da Marca
Tigres Island
Namibe Province
Coordinates 16°30′59″S11°42′51″E / 16.516306°S 11.714111°E / -16.516306; 11.714111
Year first constructed~1930s [1]
Foundationon piles
Constructionmasonry tower (current)
metal skeletal tower (first) [1]
Tower shapeconical tower (current)
square pyramidal skeletal tower with balcony, lantern and enclosed observatory room (first) [1]
Markings / patternwhite tower
Tower height12.8 metres (42 ft) [2]
Focal height15 metres (49 ft) [2]
Light sourcesolar power
Range18 nautical miles (33 km; 21 mi) [2]
Characteristic Fl (3) W 11s. [2]
Admiralty numberD5460 [2]
NGA number25724 [2]
ARLHS numberANO-012 [1]
Managing agentInstituto Marítimo e Portuário de Angola

Tigres Island (Portuguese : Ilha dos Tigres) is an island in Angola. [3] It is situated in the Namibe Province.



It is the largest island of Angola; its area is 98 km². It once had been a small peninsula in Tigres Strait known as Península dos Tigres with a well established fishing village named Saint Martin of the Tigers (in Portuguese: São Martinho dos Tigres).

The ocean broke through the isthmus of the peninsula on March 14, 1962 and the water line was severed. Tigres became an island overnight with no water supply. Later Tigres and the pump station at the Cunene river mouth were abandoned, and have become ghost towns slowly being reclaimed by the desert. [4] [5]

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