Tim Hunter (director)

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Tim Hunter
Born (1947-06-15) June 15, 1947 (age 75)
Alma mater Harvard University (1968)
Occupation Television and film director
Years active1979–present
Known for River's Edge , Carnivàle , Mad Men , Twin Peaks
Parent Ian McLellan Hunter

Tim Hunter (born June 15, 1947, in Los Angeles, California) is an American television and film director.



Since the late 1980s he has mostly worked on television, directing episodes for dozens of televisions series including Breaking Bad , Carnivàle , Chicago Hope , Crossing Jordan , Deadwood , [1] Falcon Crest , Homicide: Life on the Street , House , Law & Order , Lie to Me , Mad Men , Twin Peaks , Glee , Revenge , Pretty Little Liars and American Horror Story . During the early to mid-1980s, Hunter directed several feature films, including 1986's River's Edge , which won that year's award for Best Picture at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Critical reception

Janet Maslin made the following comments about Hunter's work on the films River's Edge and Tex : [2]

As he demonstrated in Tex, Mr. Hunter has an extraordinarily clear understanding of teen-age characters, especially those who must find their own paths without much parental supervision. But the S. E. Hinton story for that film is a great deal more innocent than this one, and a lot more easily understood. While Mr. Hunter retains his ear for adolescent dialogue (the screenplay is by Neal Jimenez) and his eye for the aimless, restless behavior of these characters, neither he nor we can easily make the necessary leap to understand their casualness about Samson's crime. That Mr. Hunter is brave enough to avoid easy moralizing and easy explanations finally makes his film harder to fathom.

Personal life

Hunter was born in Los Angeles, the son of British screenwriter Ian McLellan Hunter. He attended Harvard University, graduating in 1968. [3]

In 1993, he refused to cede his late father's Academy Award for the 1953 screenplay to Roman Holiday . Hunter's father had received credit for writing Roman Holiday following an arrangement with the true writer, Dalton Trumbo, who was prevented from selling his work due to the Hollywood blacklist. Subsequently, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave Trumbo's widow a compensatory award. [4]



1979 Over the Edge Writer
1982 Tex Director and writer
1985 Sylvester Director
1986 River's Edge Director
1989 Paint It Black Director
1993 The Saint of Fort Washington Director
1996 The Colony Director
The People Next Door Director
1997 The Maker Director
1998Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two CouplesDirector, segment "Aart and Johtje Vos"
Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two FamiliesDirector, segment "Malka Csizmadia"
1999Mean StreakDirector
2001 Anatomy of a Hate Crime Director
2002 Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story Director
2003The FailuresDirector
2004 Control Director
2006 The Far Side of Jericho Director
2007 Kings of South Beach Director
2018 Looking Glass Director
2020 Smiley Face Killers Director


1988-1990 Falcon Crest Director, 2 episodes
1990-1991 Twin Peaks Director, 3 episodes
1990 Beverly Hills, 90210 Director, episode "Class of Beverly Hills"
1991-1993 Dark Justice Director, 2 episodes
1991 Lies of the Twins Director, television film
1991 Eerie, Indiana Director, 2 episodes
1993 Bakersfield P.D. Director, episode "There Goes the Neighborhood"
1994 Chicago Hope Director, episode "You Gotta Have Heart"
1994-1995 Homicide: Life on the Street Director, 4 episodes
1995 Central Park West Director, episode "Days of Thunder"
Fallen Angels Director, episode "Fly Paper"
1997 Moloney Director, episode "Misconduct"
1998 Michael Hayes Director, episode "Vaughn Mower"
Sins of the City Director, episode "Honor Among Thieves"
Four Corners Director, 2 episodes
2000 Profiler Director, episode "Clean Sweep"
Soul Food Director, episode "Claiming"
2001 Dead Last Director, episode "To Serve, with Love"
2003 Out of Order Director, 5 episodes
2003-2005 Crossing Jordan Director, 2 episodes
Carnivàle Director, 2 episodes
2004 The 4400 Director, episode "White Light"
CSI: NY Director, episode "Creatures of the Night"
2004-2006 Cold Case Director, 3 episodes
2005 House Director, episode "Mob Rules"
Line of Fire Director, episode "Born to Run"
2006 South Beach Director, episode "Who Do You Trust"
Deadwood Director, episode "A Rich Find"
2006-2008 Law & Order Director, 2 episodes
2007-2008 Mad Men Director, 6 episodes
2008 Breaking Bad Director, episode "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal"
Army Wives Director, episode "Duplicity"
Sons of Anarchy Director, episode "Giving Back"
Brotherhood Director, episode "All the Interim is like a Phantasma..."
2008-2009 Dexter Director, 2 episodes
2009 Lie to Me Director, episode "Love Always"
2009-2010 Nip/Tuck Director, 3 episodes
2010 Saving Grace Director, episode "Let’s Talk"
The Glades Director, episode "The Girlfriend Experience"
Caprica Director, episode "Things We Lock Away"
Outlaw Director, episode "In Re: Kelvin Jones"
2011 Glee Director, episode "Rumours"
American Horror Story Director, episode "Open House"
2011-2012 Revenge Director, 2 episodes
2011-2013 Necessary Roughness Director, 3 episodes
2012 Breakout Kings Director, episode "Round Two"
Pretty Little Liars Director, episode "This is a Dark Ride"
2013 Cult Director, episode "The Kiss"
2013-2014 Hannibal Director, 4 episodes
2014 Intelligence Director, episode "The Grey Hat"
The Lottery Director, episode "Genie"
Gotham Director, episode "Viper"
2015 Powers Director, episode "Aha Shake Heartbreak"
The Messengers Director, episode "Why We Fight"
Scream Director, 2 episodes
Wayward Pines Director, 2 episodes
Blood & Oil Director, episode "The Art of the Deal"
2016 The Blacklist Director, episode "Lady Ambrosia"
Underground Director, 2 episodes
Frequency Director, episode "Break, Break, Break"
2016-2018 Bosch Director, 2 episodes
2017 Hand of God Director, episode "When You Pull the Trigger"
2018 Riverdale Director, episode "Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle"
2020 neXt Director, episodes "file #3"/"file #6"

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