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Tim Shiel
Occupation(s)Radio announcer and electronic musician
Years active2005–present
Notable workRadio show "Something More"

Tim Shiel is an Australian radio announcer and electronic musician, best known for hosting the radio shows Something More on Triple J, and Arvos on Double J. Shiel has been releasing music since 2005 and has been used for film, television, advertising and award-winning video games. As a producer, mix engineer and consultant he has worked with artists including Flight Facilities, Planète, Georgia Fields, Hachiku, Braille Face, Huntly, Ben Abraham and Wrabel. [1]



Shiel's radio career started on 3RRR in 2008.[ citation needed ]

In 2012, Shiel performed internationally as a multi-instrumentalist in the touring band for Gotye. [2]

In 2013, Shiel composed the music for the video game, Duet. [3]

In 2014, Shiel established the record label Spirit Level in partnership with Gotye (Wally De Backer) to support the Australian release of Zammuto's album, Anchor. [4]

In 2015, Shiel performed the Duet soundtrack live accompanied by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. [5]

In 2017, Shiel composed the music for the video game, Induction. [6]

Shiel hosts radio shows Something More, which is broadcast on Triple J [7] and Arvos on Double J. [8] [9] [10]

In 2021 Sheil collaborated with Mindy Meng Wang, Chinese/Australian composer and player of the ancient Chinese instrument, the guzheng (or Chinese zither). They released a single, "Hidden Qi 隐.气" in February, [9] followed by an EP, Nervous Energy 一 触即发 in March of that year. [11] [10]



List of albums with selected details
Duet (Original Game Soundtrack)
  • Released: October 2013 [12]
  • Label: Tim Shiel
  • Format: Digital
Duet Duets
(Tim Shiel and Friends)
  • Released: March 2014 [13]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital
GameLoading: Rise of the Indies (Original Documentary Soundtrack)
  • Released: March 2015 [14]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital
  • Released: March 2017 [15]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital
Glowing Pains: Music from the Gardens Between
  • Released: October 2018 [16]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital
Glowing Pains: Deep Cuts
  • Released: May 2019 [17]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital
Distractions One
  • Released: October 2021 [18]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital
Distractions One: Variants
  • Released: 2 March 2022 [19]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital
Distractions Two
  • Released: November 2022 [20]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital

Extended plays

List of EPs with selected details
Tim Shiel
  • Released: June 2014 [21]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital
Duet: Encore Chapters
  • Released: February 2015 [22]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital
Overloading '15
  • Released: July 2020 [23]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital
  • Note: Previously unreleased tracks from Tim Shiel's 2015 soundtrack GameLoading.
Nervous Energy
(with Mindy Meng Wang)
  • Released: March 2021 [24]
  • Label: Music in Exile
  • Format: Digital
Something to Give
(with Achingdrum)
  • Released: September 2022 [25]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital
Jack Druids
  • Released: 26 October 2022 [26]
  • Label: Spirit Level
  • Format: Digital

Awards and nominations

Music Victoria Awards

The Music Victoria Awards are an annual awards night celebrating Victorian music. They commenced in 2006.

YearNominee / workAwardResultRef.
2022 Tim ShielBest ProducerNominated [27] [28]
2023 Mindy Meng Wang (王萌) & Tim ShielBest GroupNominated [29]
Tim ShielBest Electronic WorkNominated

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The 2021 Music Victoria Awards were the 16th Annual Music Victoria Awards. The ceremony took place on 9 December 2021 at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Spirit Level is a music label established by Wally de Backer and Tim Shiel in 2014, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Mike Katz, known professionally as Harvey Sutherland is an Australian producer, bandleader and synthesist from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. His debut studio album Boy was released in April 2022.


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