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Tim the Yowie Man
Timothy Bull

Children2 daughters [1] [2] [3]
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Tim the Yowie Man is an Australian writer, author and cryptonaturalist [4] who was born in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. [5]


Life and career

Born Timothy Bull, [6] TYM has changed his name by deed poll. [7] He is an Australian National University graduate. [8]

Tim the Yowie Man claims to have seen a “yowie”, an entity from Australian folklore that supposedly resides in the nation’s outback. He saw it while bushwalking at Mount Franklin in the Brindabella National Park in 1994. [4] [9] [8] Since then, Tim the Yowie Man has investigated yowie sightings [10] [9] and other paranormal phenomena across Australia and internationally. [11] He also writes regular columns various newspapers [12] [13] [14] [11] including The Canberra Times [15] and The Sydney Morning Herald .

In 2004, Tim the Yowie Man won a legal case against Cadbury, a popular British confectionery company. [16] [17] Cadbury had claimed that his moniker was too similar to their range of Yowie confectionery. [6] In deciding the case, a Trade Mark Oppositions Hearing Officer ruled that she was "satisfied that a substantial portion of the Australian public would know of the dictionary meaning of yowie and be able to distinguish between use of the term in this sense, and use of the term by (Cadbury)." [17]

In 2012, artist Barbara van der Linden painted Tim's portrait as part of her Faces of Canberra series, for exhibition during Canberra's centenary year in 2013. [18] He continues to live in Canberra with his family.

He has acted as a location and historical advisor for international television programs on unusual phenomena and has featured in documentaries about Australian and international mysteries.[ citation needed ][ when? ] He was even an informant for foreign press when Survivor was filming in the Australian outback. [19] He is a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers, [20] [4] and has hosted a national travel radio show and is a ghost-tour guide. [4] He also has his own YouTube channel that covers mysteries, cryptids, and urban legends. [21]


Short films / documentaries

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