Timbiriche (album)

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Somos Amigos
Studio album by
Released30 April 1982 (1982-04-30)
Genre Latin pop [1]
Label Melody Internacional, Fonovisa
Timbiriche chronology
Somos Amigos
La Banda Timbiriche

Timbiriche is the debut album from Mexican pop music group Timbiriche. It was released on 30 April of 1982. It is also known as Timbiriche "Somos Amigos".

Track listing

1."Somos Amigos"Guillermo Méndez Guiú and Erick Vonn03:03
2."Y La Fiesta Comenzó"Alejandro Fidel and Méndez Guiú03:06
3."Amor Para Ti"Pedro Damián and Méndez Guiú03:04
4."El Gato Rocanrolero"Méndez Guiú and Anahí Van02:51
5."Medley De Cri Cri" Francisco Gabilondo Soler 04:58
6."Timbiriche"Damián and Méndez Guiú03:02
7."Fin De Semana""Méndez Guiú and Amparo Rubín02:54
8."Un Día En El Campo"Damián and Méndez Guiú03:06
9."Hoy Tengo Que Decirte Papá"Damián and Méndez Guiú03:31
10."El Pregonero"Álvaro Dávila and Méndez Guiú03:05
Total length:32:35

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Timbiriche Rock Show is the sixth album from Mexican pop music group Timbiriche. It was released in 1985, and contains Spanish covers of notable pop hits during the 1980s, such as 99 Red Balloons and Telefone (Teléfono).


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