Timbuktu Airport

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Timbuktu Airport

Aéroport de Tombouctou
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Airport typePublic
Location Timbuktu, Mali
Elevation  AMSL 863 ft / 263 m
Coordinates 16°43′50″N003°00′27″W / 16.73056°N 3.00750°W / 16.73056; -3.00750
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Airplane silhouette.svg
Location of airport in Mali
Direction LengthSurface
07/252,1106,923 Asphalt

Timbuktu Airport( IATA : TOM, ICAO : GATB) is an airport in Timbuktu, Mali opened on April 15, 1961. [1]


Airlines and destinations

The start of Sky Mali's service to Timbuktu in February 2021 marked the first commercial flights to the airport since the city was captured by jihadists in 2012. [2]

Sky Mali Bamako, Mopti

Accidents and incidents

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Sky Mali,, is a private airline operating in Mali. It serves local destinations, from its operations base at Modibo Keita International Airport, near Bamako, the Malian capital city.

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