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Developer(s) Indigo Technologies Ltd.
Initial releaseApril 15, 1998 (1998-04-15)
Platform Web
Available inEnglish
Type Time tracking software
Website timetiger.com

TimeTiger is a time and project tracking app developed by Indigo Technologies Ltd. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Indigo was founded in 1997 and initially released TimeTiger in 1998.



The company was incorporated in 1997 and began operations as a custom software developer. [1] TimeTiger (internally called TaskMaster) was developed as a tool to help with Indigo's own project planning and estimating. [2] After releasing TimeTiger as a commercial product in 1998, Indigo shifted its focus to time and project management solutions. [3] TimeTiger first introduced support for web-based time logging in 2000, to appeal to workers who were not already tracking their time for billing reasons. [4] Subsequent development emphasized project analysis tools. [5]


Software integration

Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or saved as Excel-compatible HTML files. Microsoft Project files can be imported and exported. A Software Development Kit is available. [8]

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