Time Doctor

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Time Doctor
Developer(s) Time Doctor, LLC
Operating system Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, iOS
Available in English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese
Type Time tracking software
License Proprietary
Website www.timedoctor.com

Time Doctor is a SaaS employee monitoring tool [1] launched by the owners of Staff.com in 2012. It includes keystroke logging, screenshot and internet usage tracking features. A multi-functional employee monitoring application with CRM and white label capabilities.



Time Doctor offers screenshot software, website and application tracking, chat monitoring, and time-based reporting. [2]


Liam Martin and Rob Rawson are the co-founders of Time Doctor. [3] Time Doctor has over 60 employees in 25 different countries. [4] In March 2015, 3 years after it was launched, Time Doctor exceeded 1 million hours tracked per month in 109 countries. [4]

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