Time Trek

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Time Trek
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Developer(s) Connan Enterprises [1]
Publisher(s) Personal Software
Programmer(s) Joshua Lavinsky (TRS)
Brad Templeton (PET) [2]
Platform(s) TRS-80 (1978)
Release 1978

Time Trek is a Star Trek computer game published by Personal Software in 1978. Two similar but unrelated games were published under this brand in 1978, one for the Commodore PET by Brad Templeton [2] and one programmed by Joshua Lavinsky for the TRS-80 4K Level I or Level II microcomputer. [1]


Plot summary

Time Trek is a real-time Star Trek -style game in which the Enterprise must eliminate the Klingons before they can destroy all the starbases. [3]


J. Mishcon reviewed Time Trek in The Space Gamer No. 28. [3] Mishcon commented that "the real-time aspect of the game and the aggressive tactics of the damn Klingons make this game quite exciting. For those into hand-eye coordination and fast action, Time Trek will be enjoyable." [3] In his 80-US review of Space Battle , "One of the best space war games available", Geo Blank compared the game to Time Trek, commenting that "The extra control makes Time Trek a better action game." [4]

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