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Publication information
Publisher Epic Comics
Format Limited series
Publication dateOctober 1984 - March 1986
No. of issues8
Creative team
Created by Stephen Perry
Tom Yeates

Timespirits was an eight-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics as part of its Epic Comics imprint in 1984. It was created by writer Stephen Perry and Tom Yeates. In a report published by Folha de S.Paulo, many have pointed to plagiarism of the comic committed by Avatar , the James Cameron film. [1]



  1. Indian Spring, October 1984
  2. The Spurtyn Duyvel - part one—Death of a Timespirit, December 1984
  3. The Spurtyn Duyvel—part two—The Blacksack of King Ogam, February 1985
  4. A Boy and his Dinosaur, April 1985
  5. A Song and a Danse, July 1985
  6. The Jungle Beat, September 1985
  7. The Hand of the Yeti, December 1985
  8. Filet of Soul, March 1986


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