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Timo Korhonen (born 6 November 1964) [1] is a Finnish classical guitarist and is one of the most distinguished classical guitarists in his generation.


Short Biography

Korhonen gave his debut at 14 in his hometown Rautalampi, Finland. [2] His international career started in 1982 after winning the ARD Music Competition in Munich, Germany. [3] Since 1989 Korhonen has been member of distinguished contemporary music group TOIMII-ensemble. Korhonen has performed over thirty countries and premiered over forty compositions. [4] Korhonen has recorded fifteen albums for Ondine label including his own arrangements of works Solo Violin by Johann Sebastian Bach and Complete recording of Works for Guitar by Heitor Villa-Lobos. Korhonen's recordings have acclaimed several awards and honors.

Pieces written for and dedicated to Timo Korhonen

Kimmo Hakola 1958-: Guitar Concerto, 2008; Leonardo Etudes, Homage á Villa-Lobos, 2007–2008

Toshio Hosokawa 1955-: Voyage IX, "Awakening" for guitar and strings with percussion, 2007

Magnus Lindberg 1958-: Mano a mano for solo guitar, 2004

Toshio Hosokawa 1955-: Serenade for solo guitar, 2003

Herman Rechberger 1947-: Concierto Floral for guitar and orchestra, 1997

Olli Kortekangas 1955-: Arabesken der Nacht for guitar and chamber orchestra, 1995

Leo Brouwer 1939-: Concerto of Helsinki for guitar and orchestra, 1991–1992

Usko Meriläinen 1930-2004: Konsertto kitaralle ja orkesterille, 1991

Jouni Kaipainen 1956-: Tenebrae for solo guitar op 39, 1991

Olli Koskelin 1955-: Far and near for solo guitar, 1990; Tutte le Corde for guitar and tape, 1988–1989

Tauno Marttinen 1912-2008: Harlekiini for violin and guitar, 1986

Compositions written for and dedicated to Timo Korhonen as member of the TOIMII-ensemble

Oliver Knussen 1952-2018: Rough Cut for Toimii, 1996

Magnus Lindberg 1958-: Kiri for clarinet, guitar, cello, percussion, and electronics, 1993; Decorrente for clarinet, cello, guitar, percussion and piano, 1992

Arthur Sauer: Joukahainen's Defeat, 1993

Peter Bengtson 1961-: Festspielmusik II: Gemalte Leiche, 1992

Riku Niemi 1967-: Magnus meets Monk, 1991


Awards and recognitions

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