Tina Ferreira

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Tina Ferreira
María Cristina Ferreira Acosta

14 May 1972
NationalityFlag of Uruguay.svg  Uruguayan
Occupation(s) Dance, jurnalist, choreography
Movement Candombe, carnival
AwardsPremio Morosoli in 2001

Tina Ferreira (Pando,14 May 1972) [1] is an Uruguayan, dancer, journalist and vedette of both theater and carnival, known for performing in carnivals all around Uruguay. [2]

She works as the lead vedette in the carnival group Serpentina in which she has worked since 2004 with José de Lima, the group's director. She has won many awards for her performances with the group. [3] She also works as a journalist for Caras y Caretas. [4] In 2010 she was called to work in Nito Artaza's and Miguel Ángel Cherutti's theatre, Teatro Nogaró. [5]

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Rodrigo Canosa Martínez is a Uruguayan footballer who plays as a central defender for Lautaro de Buin of the Segunda División Profesional de Chile. He previously played domestically for El Tanque Sisley, Cerrito, Rampla Juniors, Villa Teresa and Cerro, in Argentina for Olimpo de Bahía Blanca, for América de Cali of Colombia, for Ecuadorian club Delfín, and for Curicó Unido of Chile.

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