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Tio Business School
Tio Business School
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Main location in Utrecht in 2009
MottoDeveloping Potential
Established1969[ when? ]
Parent institution
Salta Group
DirectorKatinka Reuling
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The Netherlands
Colors Blue and white
Website https://www.tio.nl/en/
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Tio Business School is a private Dutch educational institution, founded by the business community in 1969 in the city of Hengelo. [1] Tio has establishments in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Hengelo and Groningen.


Tio offers recognized daytime programmes at Bachelor and Associate Degree (Higher education), Mbo (Intermediate Vocational), and Master level in the fields of business management, finance, event management, hospitality and tourism.

Tio has been awarded with the title of ''small-scale and intensive education'' by the Dutch-Vlamish Accreditation organisation (NVAO). The institution regularly scores and ranks high in the Dutch Keuzegids HBO.

As of 2020 Tio has been taken over by the Salta Group, a large Dutch educational institution. This means that some Schoevers-programs are now offered at the Tio locations. [2]


Tio has been established in 1969 by VVV-Director D.J.F. Wilmink on behalf of the business community in order to fulfill the need for educated people in the hospitality and tourism industry. In the early 70's tourism flourished explosively, but there was a lack of the right education and schools. Corporate responded by founding three institutions; Tio Business School, the AVR vocational school and the AVV vocational school. These trade schools were popular due to their short and focused programs which matched the needs of future employers. When the Dutch government stopped subsidizing these schools in the late 1980s, Tio proceeded as a private institution.

Duthler acquisition

In the early 1990s Tio was experiencing a decrease in new student enrollments and around this period father and son Duthler took over the institution. This decrease was a result of the previous director who abolished the free public transport provisions that Tio students had been able to make use of. [3] After the acquisition a restart followed and changes were implemented.

In 1993 and 1994 Tio took over the AVV vocational school and the AVR vocational school and in 1997, Tunon, a former hospitality school, was also acquired by Tio. From 1991 until 2020 Mark Duthler was the director of Tio, to be followed up by Katinka Reuling in 2020.


Tio offers courses at Mbo (Intermediate Vocational), Hbo (Higher education), and Master level. The courses are taught in Dutch and a number of courses is also offered in English.

Mbo4 (Intermediate Vocational)

The Mbo programmes take 1 to 2 years to complete, depending on the prerequisites of the student. Mbo4 is an intermediate vocational level in the Dutch education system, the focus is on practical skills in the field of education.

Associate Degree

Since 2020 the higher education programmes are also offered as a two-year Associate-degree course. This is a degree level between Mbo4 (intermediate level) and bachelor programmes.

Bachelor programmes

The Bachelor programmes typically take 3 to 4 years. After completing the programme the student may use the internationally acknowledged title Bachelor of Arts (BA), Business of Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Since 2021 Tio also offers an MBA-programme. This master-programme takes 1 year to complete after completing a bachelor programme, and no working experience is needed. The program consists of a core programme and the areas of specialization are; International management, Hospitality management or Commercial management.

Courses in English

Tio offers Englisch taught bachelor and associatedegree programmes. In Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen, Hengelo, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Bachelor and Associate degree programmes

Master's degree

In Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam the MBA is offered in English.


Tio has six establishments in Holland, the one in Utrecht is the main location and the student administration office is also located here. The locations are usually near stations and therefore easily accessible by public transport.


Tio has an international character and therefore has ties to universities, colleges and companies worldwide for internships and exchange programs. A several programmes are therefore also offered in English.

Student Association Cognatio

Student Association L.S.V. Cognatio has been founded in 2005 and is associated to Tio Business School. It currently has over 900 active members.


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