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Tirana Times
Type Weekly newspaper
Editor-in-chiefJerina Zaloshnja
Founded2005;17 years ago (2005)
Political alignmentIndependent
Language English
Headquarters Tirana
Website Tirana Times

Tirana Times is a weekly newspaper published in English and is headquartered in Tirana, Albania. [1]


History and profile

Tirana Times is the first weekly English newspaper in Albania. [2] The paper was established in 2005. [3] The weekly provides news on politics, business and economy, opinion, features, sports, arts and culture [4] with a special focus on Albania and the Balkans. [5] It has an independent political leaning, [6] and is published in partnership with the Albanian Institute for International Studies, Albania's top think tank. [7] As of 2015 Jerina Zaloshnja was the editor in chief. [3] Andi Balla served as the executive editor of the weekly. [8]

The paper launched a website in 2006 which is updated daily [9] which was the 12th most visited news portal in Albania in 2013. [10]

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