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TR Pattinam
  Total18,862 with 9,289 men and 9,573 women
Time zone IST
609 606
Area code +91-4368
Vehicle registration PY-02
Tirumalairayan Pattinam from Karaikal District Thirumalairajan Pattinam from Karaikal District.jpg
Tirumalairayan Pattinam from Karaikal District

Tirumalairayanpattinam is a census town and commune in the Karaikal District of Puducherry, India. Tirumalairayanpattinam is situated at a distance of 6 kilometres to the south of Karaikal municipality.



Thirumalairayanpattinam River Shutters Thirumalairayanpattinam River Shutters.jpg
Thirumalairayanpattinam River Shutters

Thirumalairayanpattinam belongs to Karaikal District in Puducherry. This town is believed to be named after the king who ruled TR Pattinam during ancient days and also the river named out of that king name Tirumalarajanar River which drains into the Bay of Bengal a few kilometres north of the town.


According to the 2001 census, Thirumalarajanpattinam had a population of 18,862 with 9,289 men and 9,573 women. The sex ratio was 1.031:1.

Masi Magam

This annual festival takes place on the full moon day of the Tamil month of Masi (Between February and March). Deities from as many temples in and around Karaikal are brought in ceremonial processions to the seashore for a symbolic immersion ceremony. Thousands of people go to the seashore to have a dip in the sea which is said to wash away one's sins. The most important deity, which takes part in the festival, is Sowriraja Perumal of Thirukannapuram village in Tamil Nadu area. The saying goes that Sowriraja Perumal married a fishermen community woman and hence the moment the deity enters Tirumalairayan-pattinam village of Tirumalairayanpattinam commune for the festival, the fishermen take charge of the deity and charges are replaced after the festival is completed i.e. after the holy bath. This festival is held with all pomp and glory although it cannot be compared to the degree of celebration in Pondicherry.

Educational institutions

Govt. Schools [1]



T.R pattinam is located in the industrial zone. List of company [2]

Railway station

Tirumalairayanpattinam railway station address: Tirumalairayan Pattinam, Puducherry 609606, India

Thirumalairayanpattinam Railway Station Thirumalairayanpattinam Railway Station.jpg
Thirumalairayanpattinam Railway Station

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Current and past MLAs from Neravy Tr Pattinam Assembly Constituency

2021 M.Nagathiyagarajan DMK
2016 Geetha Anandan DMK
2011 V.M.C. Sivakumar IND
2006 V.M.C. Sivakumar DMK
2001V.M.C. SivakumarDMK
1996V.M.C. SivakumarDMK
1991V. M. C. V. GanapathyADMK
1990 V. Ganapathy ADMK
1985V.M.C. Varada PillaiADMK
1980V. M. C. SivakumarDMK
1977V.M.C. VaradhapillaiJNP
1974 V. M. C. Varadapillai ADMK

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Aayiram Kaliamman Temple is an ancient temple in Tirumalairayanpattinam (T.R.Pattinam). The temple is much famous for the main deity, Goddess Kaliamman's statue is made up of wood.


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