Tishnagi Dil Ki

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Tishnagi Dil Ki
Genre Romantic drama
Written bySeema Munaf
Directed byAsim Ali
Starring Azfar Rehman
Anum Fayyaz
Kinza Hashmi
Opening theme"Har Pal Milli Tishnagi" by Rosemarry and Faakhir Mehmood
Original languageUrdu
No. of episodes30
Running time35-38min
Production company 7th Sky Entertainment
Original network GEO TV
Original release8 March (2017-03-08) 
15 July 2017 (2017-07-15)

Tishnagi Dil Ki (Eng; Thirst of Heart) is a Pakistani romantic drama serial that aired on Geo Entertainment. It was written by Seema Munaf, produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi and directed by Asim Ali. [1] [2] The serial gained high ratings.


The serial marked the third joint appearance of Azfar Rehman and Anum Fayyaz together after Parvarish and Intezaar on ARY Digital and A-Plus Entertainment respectively.


“Tishnagi Dil Ki” is a story of college lovebirds, Tabaan (Anum Fayyaz) and Zubair (Azfar Rehman) as they plan to marry after their studies. However their families and fate has something else planned. Zuhair's mother has already promised her sister to tie the knot between Zuhair and her niece Natasha (Kinza Hashmi). Zuhair, who is deeply in love with Tabaan, does not like Natasha at all, as Natasha is a self centered and arrogant girl.

On the other hand, Tabaan's father suffers a loss in his business and goes bankrupt. The risks get higher when his friend Ausaaf Kiyani (Javed Sheikh) offers him to help by marrying Tabaan. Considering her family's financial constraints, Tabaan agrees to marry Ausaf who is already married. Tabaan makes a life changing decision without informing Zuhair and cuts of all connection with him.

Tabaan suffers from atrocities in Ausaaf's house as his family isn't ready to accept her however, Tabaan tries her best to oblige everyone around her. Once again Tabaan's life is disrupted when Ausaaf suffers from a heart attack and dies. Before passing away, Ausaaf instructed his close friend Khalid to take care of Tabaan. Khalid takes Tabaan's responsibility as his own daughter where Tabaan and Zuhair meet each other once again.

Will Tabaan and Zuhair able to love each other with their broken hearts? Or will they end up hurting themselves?


The serial tells the story of Taaba’an and Zuhair. They study together in a university and are in love. After completing their education, they want to marry with their family's approval. Zuhair's mother made promises to her sister to that her son would marry her niece, Natasha. She is rude, arrogant and self-centred. Zuhair doesn't like her. [3]



Drama is shot in northern Pakistan mainly in Murree and Nathia Gali. Scenes were also shot in Karachi.

Azfar stated, "Even though our team was very accommodating and professional, my experience shooting up north was not as colorful as I had expected. Basically the locals there weren't very facilitating and gave us a tough time shooting."


The original soundtrack of Tishnagi Dil Ki is sung and composed by Faakhir Mehmood and Rose Merry while the lyrics are penned down by Fatima Najeeb. The song is available on Patari.


The drama debuted on March 8, 2017. It ended on 17 July 2017 post Eid.

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