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Tivoli is a popular music venue and cultural center in Utrecht, Netherlands. Tivoli is run by a non-profit organisation. The original organisation dates back to 1823 and functioned as a relaxing place outside the city's Stadsbuitengracht.

Tivoli has two locations: TivoliVredenburg and Tivoli De Helling 7. Tivoli was originally located at Lepelenburg until the venue burnt down in 1979. A new venue opened at Oudegracht 245, which is approximately a 20-minute walk from De Helling. In 2014 Tivoli Oudegracht and Muziekcentrum Vredenburg joined forces in the new TivoliVredenburg, and Tivoli De Helling continued as an independent music venue.

The De Helling location has a capacity of 400 people, and the Oudegracht location had a capacity of approximately 1000 people. Formerly one of the Netherlands' major venues (together with Paradiso, Paard van Troje, 013 and Melkweg), Tivoli Oudegracht was located in the historic premises in Utrecht's city centre, and featured more than 300 productions annually. Apart from pop concerts, there were dance evenings every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Tivoli Oudegracht was the main concert venue for the Summer Darkness festival for many years.

The Oudegracht location is a Rijksmonument.

In May 2014 Tivoli Oudegracht closed but Tivoli De Helling continued as an independent music venue. A large new venue, named TivoliVredenburg, replaces both Tivoli and the former Muziekcentrum Vredenburg.

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Utrecht is the fourth-largest city of the Netherlands, as well as the capital and the most populous city of the province of Utrecht. The municipality of Utrecht is located in the eastern part of the Randstad conurbation, in the very centre of mainland Netherlands, and includes Haarzuilens, Vleuten en De Meern. It has a population of 361,699 as of December 2021.

Tivoli may refer to:

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Vredenburg Castle</span>

Vredenburg Castle was a 16th-century castle built by Habsburg emperor Charles V in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Some remains of the castle, which stood for only 50 years, are still visible on what is now Vredenburg square in Utrecht.

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The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra is a Dutch symphony orchestra based in Amsterdam.

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The TivoliVredenburg is a contemporary music complex located in Utrecht, Netherlands. The venue consists of five halls designed acoustically for a specific music genre. Along with its hall, the venue also features an "amateur stage" and a cafe.

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The Jacobikerk is a landmark Protestant church in Utrecht, Netherlands. The building is located on the St Jacobsstraat, named for its patron saint St. James the Greater. The church is one of the medieval parish churches of Utrecht, along with the Buurkerk, the Nikolaïkerk and the Geertekerk. Today it is known as the starting place for Dutch pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella along the Way of St. James. The Dutch Confraternity of St. James is located around the corner on the St. Jacobskerkhof.

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Muziekcentrum Vredenburg was a music venue in Utrecht, Netherlands with a capacity of 5,000 people. It was designed by Dutch architect Herman Hertzberger. The venue hosted concerts by many famous artists, spanning many different genres. The old building has been demolished and the city of Utrecht has built a new, bigger venue on the same location. The main hall of the old building has been integrated into the new building. The new building was officially opened in July 2014 and is called TivoliVredenburg.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Festival Oude Muziek</span>

The Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht is an annual music festival that showcases and celebrates early European art music. The ten-day festival takes place in the Dutch city of Utrecht, and begins in August. The programme includes concerts, activities, lectures, exhibitions, and a symposium.

The following is a timeline of the history of the municipality of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Gerard Beljon is a musician and composer from the Netherlands, specialising in chamber and choral music with contemporary resonances. His works have been performed in Austria, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and the United States.

Harriet Krijgh is a Dutch cellist.

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AVRO Studios is a building complex and national heritage site in Hilversum, where the radio and TV studios and the head office of the Dutch public broadcasting association AVRO were located until 2000. The buildings have since been used by other companies for different purposes.