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Location in Myanmar (Burma)
Coordinates: 16°46′0″N98°10′6″E / 16.76667°N 98.16833°E / 16.76667; 98.16833
CountryFlag of Myanmar.svg  Myanmar
Division Kayin State
District Kawkareik District
Township Kawkareik Township
Time zone UTC+06:30 (MMT)

To-kawko, also spelled Tokawko, is a village in Kawkareik Township, in Kayin State, Myanmar (Burma). [1] [2] [3] The headquarters of the KNU/KNLA Peace Council are located in the village. [4]

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Hakha Capital City in Chin State, Myanmar

Hakha is the capital of Chin State in Myanmar.

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Karakara is a town and commune in the Dosso Region of southern Niger. It had a population of 44,333 as of 2012.

Chin Hills

The Chin Hills are a range of mountains in Chin State, northwestern Burma (Myanmar), that extends northward into India's Manipur state.

Habibpur city in Bihar, India

Habibpur is a census town in Bhagalpur district in the Indian state of Bihar.

Internal conflict in Myanmar Series of primarily ethnic-based insurgencies in Myanmar that began in 1948

The internal conflict in Myanmar is a series of insurgencies in Myanmar that began shortly after the country, then known as Burma, gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1948. The conflict has largely been ethnic-based, with several ethnic armed groups fighting Myanmar's armed forces, the Tatmadaw, for self-determination. Despite numerous ceasefires and the creation of autonomous self-administered zones in 2008, many groups continue to call for independence, increased autonomy, or the federalisation of the country. The conflict is also the world's longest ongoing civil war, having spanned more than seven decades.

Nansang Township in Shan Shan State, Burma

Nansang is a town in Loilen District of Shan State in eastern Burma. It is the seat of Nansang Township. It is the biggest city of the eastern central of the Shan State in Myanmar. It is 72 miles away from Taunggyi. A pagoda lies in the southern part of the town. It is also known as Taung Paw Pagoda.

Barry Lee Myers American businessman and lawyer

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Pinma Village in Sagaing Region, Burma

Pinma is a village in Homalin Township, Hkamti District, in the Sagaing Region of northwestern Burma.

Bawwa Village in Haryana, India

Bawwa is a village in the Nahar Block of the Rewari District in Haryana, India. It is located 50 kilometres (31 mi) northwest of the district headquarters of Rewari, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) west-southwest of Nahar, and 320 kilometres (200 mi) from the state capital Chandigarh. Karoli, Garhs, Sihor, Bahala, Naya-Gaon, and Gadhi are the neighboring villages. Bawwa is situated approximately 3 km from Karoli mod on Kanina-Bahu-Jholri road in the Rewari District.

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Tagundaing, Kayin State Place in Kayin State, Myanmar

Tagundaing or Ta Khun Taing is a large village in the Kayin State of south-eastern Myanmar, located near the west bank of the Winyaw River and the west of the Kyain Seikgyi Township, Kawkareik District.The population as of the 2014 census was 4,994. Most of the residents are of the Karen (Kayin) ethnic group.

Atimpoko is a town in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Umpulo Commune in Bié Province, Angola

Umpulo is a town and commune of Angola, located in the province of Bié.

Dani, Myanmar Village in Rakhine State, Myanmar

Dani is a village located at the southern tip of Myanmar's Rakhine State.

Mangdari is a village in Velhe Taluka in the Pune District of Maharashtra, India.

Pindale Village in Mandalay Division, Burma

Pindale is a village in the Wundwin Township, Mandalay Division of central Myanmar.


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