To Live in Discontent

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To Live in Discontent
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Compilation album by
ReleasedJanuary 25, 2005
Recorded2000 - 2005
Genre Punk rock, melodic hardcore, post-hardcore
Label Jade Tree
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Exit English
To Live in Discontent
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To Live in Discontent is a compilation album released by Strike Anywhere. It collects various rare, live and unreleased tracks by the band including the entirety of their out of print EP, Chorus of One .

Track listing

No.TitleTrack originsLength
1."Asleep" Bread or Revolution 7-inch EP on Fat Wreck Chords 2:34
2."Antidote"Bread or Revolution 7-inch EP on Fat Wreck Chords 3:45
3."Chorus of One" Chorus of One EP2:23
4."Question the Answer"Chorus of One EP3:42
5."Incendiary"Chorus of One EP2:25
6."Earthbound"Chorus of One EP1:09
7."Notes On Pulling the Sky Down"Chorus of One EP3:49
8."Cassandratic Equation"Chorus of One EP3:15
9."Two Fuses"Outtake from Exit English sessions3:18
10."Sunspotting"1999 Demo2:51
11."Two Sides" (live) Gorilla Biscuits cover performed with New Mexican Disaster Squad in 20042:11
12."Values Here" Dag Nasty cover, recorded during Change is a Sound sessions2:49
13."Where Are They Now?" Cock Sparrer cover, recorded in 2003 for this compilation3:21

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