To Win or to Lose

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To Win or To Lose
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Studio album by
Genre Alabama ghost music, bluegrass, folk, honky tonk, country
Label K Records
The Pine Hill Haints chronology
Ghost Dance
To Win or To Lose

To Win or To Lose is the second studio album by The Pine Hill Haints.


Track listing

Side A

  1. "Intro" (Jamie)
  2. "Not So Lucky and the Invisible Kid" (Jamie)
  3. "Charley Horse" (Jamie)
  4. "Bordello Blackwidow" (Matt) -
  5. "Scar" (Jamie) -
  6. "Halloween-Time All the Time" (Jamie) -
  7. "Never Cry" (Jamie) -
  8. "Revenge of the SpiderWeb Boy" (Jamie) -
  9. "Je Passe Devant ta Porte" (Traditional) -

Side B

  1. "Never Gonna Die" (Matt) -
  2. "My Bones are Gonna Rise Again" (Matt) -
  3. "How Much Poison Does It Take" (Jamie) -
  4. "The Rangers Command" (Traditional) -
  5. "Screaming Jenny" (Matt) -
  6. "Doublehead" (Jamie) -
  7. "You Are My Thief" (Jamie) -


The Pine Hill Haints are

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