Toad Hall (ANU)

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Toad Hall
Australian National University
LocationBarry Drive and Kingsley Street, Acton, Australian Capital Territory
Coordinates 35°16′32″S149°7′26″E / 35.27556°S 149.12389°E / -35.27556; 149.12389 Coordinates: 35°16′32″S149°7′26″E / 35.27556°S 149.12389°E / -35.27556; 149.12389
Architect John Andrews
Warden Ian Walker
Website ANU residence

Toad Hall is a residential hall for the Australian National University, primarily for post-graduate students drawn from some 50 countries across the globe. [1]

It is located at the corner of Barry Drive and Kingsley Street, Acton. Sullivans Creek and the Drill Hall Gallery are nearby. [2]

The Toad Hall residence was designed by internationally acclaimed Australian architect John Andrews in 1977 (or 1973 for opening in 1974? [1] ), and is listed on the ACT Chapter of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Register of Significant Twentieth Century Architecture and on the Commonwealth Heritage List. [3]

The University Council allowed the hall of residence to be named Toad Hall following the recommendation of the first residents of the hall where the setting, with the long line of willow trees between the hall and Sullivans Creek, was evocative of Kenneth Grahame's children's novel, The Wind in the Willows . [1]

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