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TobiWan in 2017

Toby "TobiWan" Dawson is an Australian former Dota 2 caster. [1] [2] [3] Dawson was employed by the Electronic Sports League. [4] He retired from esports casting following sexual assault allegations in 2020.[ citation needed ]


TobiWan was a competitive Call of Duty player during the Call of Duty: United Offensive era. [5]

TobiWan began his casting career at the JoinDotA studio. [6] The first Dota tournament he cast was World Cyber Games 2005 in Singapore, for which he was chosen even though he had only played a few games of Dota in his life. [6] His first achievement[ weasel words ] was being able to cast The International 2011 final. Unlike most Dota casters, TobiWan was never a competitive Dota 2 gamer, but got attracted to it because his mother's profession[ failed verification ] involved casting. [6] TobiWan went on to cast most of the grand finals of major tournaments such as The International, [7] The Defense, DreamHack, and JoinDotA Masters.[ citation needed ][ clarification needed ] During a 2012 broadcast, TobiWan made the following comment in chat: "have you heard the expression..lame as a niggers baby?" [8]

TobiWan cast every iteration of The International through The International 2019. Tobiwan and Troels "Synderen" Nielsen commentated the grand finals of The International 2015 between Evil Geniuses and CDEC Gaming. [9] Tobiwan, Soe, and Maelk commentated the 2015 MLG World Finals. [10]

In 2015, he hosted the first Dota 2 Major, Frankfurt Major 2015. [11] [12] TobiWan appeared in the 2014 film Free to Play . He retired from esports casting following sexual assault allegations in 2020. [13]

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