Tobiae matrimonium

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Tobiae matrimonium, actio sacra pro filiabus chori S. Lazari is a 1794 oratorio by Simon Mayr to a Latin libretto by Giuseppe Maria Foppa. It was the third of Mayr's works written for the Ospedale dei Mendicanti. No exact date or circumstances for the original performance are known. [1]


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David in spelunca Engaddi is a 1795 oratorio by Simon Mayr. The librettist is unknown, but is possibly Giuseppe Maria Foppa who supplied the Latin texts for Iacob a Labano fugiens (1791), Sisara (1793), and Tobiae matrimonium (1794).

Iacob a Labano fugiens is a 1791 oratorio by Simon Mayr to a libretto by Giuseppe Maria Foppa for the Conservatorio dei Mendicanti, Venice.

Sisara is a 1793 Latin oratorio by Simon Mayr to a libretto by Giuseppe Foppa who also supplied the Latin texts for Iacob a Labano fugiens (1791) and Tobiae matrimonium (1794).

La passione di Gesù Cristo, is a 1794 Italian-language oratorio for soloists, choir and orchestra by Simon Mayr, to an adapted version of the famous libretto La passione di Gesù Cristo by Metastasio. Unlike Mayr's four Latin-language oratorios to librettos by Giuseppe Foppa for the Conservatorio dei Mendicanti, La passione was written for a church, and not limited to girls voices.

Innalzamento al trono del giovane re Gioas is an oratorio by Simon Mayr premiered in Florence in 1823. The anonymous libretto is unrelated to the two dozen other oratorios of the name Gioas, all of them based on the 1735 libretto Gioas re di Giuda by Metastasio.

Arianna in Nasso is an 1815 "azione drammatica", or scenic cantata in one act by Simon Mayr to a libretto by Giovanni Schmidt. It was premiered at the Teatro San Carlo, Naples, on 19 February 1815 with the role of Ariadne sung by Isabella Colbran who had requested Mayr to compose the piece for her to showcase her skills.

I cherusci is a dramma per musica in 2 acts by Simon Mayr to a libretto by Gaetano Rossi. It was first performed at the Teatro Argentina, Rome, for Carnival 1808. The plot is at the time of the battles between the Germanic tribes the Marcomanni and Cherusci.

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  1. Anja Morgenstern Die Oratorien von Johann Simon Mayr (1763-1845) 2007 "Tobiae matrimonium (1794) Für diese Azione sacra ist nur das Jahr ihrer Aufführung 1794, nicht aber ein genaues Datum oder ein Anlaß bekannt."