Todd Camhe

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Todd Camhe
Todd Camhe

New York City
Alma mater New York University
OccupationProducer & writer
TitleWriter & Producer
Spouse(s)Lindsay Hotchkiss Camhe

Todd Camhe is an American producer and screenwriter for film, television and new media known for his work in The Last Run and Sister (2014). As a producer in branded content and commercial work, Camhe has produced entertainment projects for record labels Interscope Records and Shady Records and oversaw livestreams of Lady Gaga for Vevo. [1] [ unreliable source? ][ dead link ]


Camhe completed his Masters in Film from the Tisch School of the Arts at N.Y.U. and received a Bachelor's Degree from Trinity College. [2] [ better source needed ]


After selling screenplays to 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. and a television pilot to FX (TV channel), Camhe wrote and produced the independent feature The Last Run starring Fred Savage and Amy Adams.

Camhe co-wrote and produced the film Sister . Sister premiered in 2014 at The Tribeca Film Festival and was financed by the non-profit Our Kids First Foundation in order to spread awareness of ADHD treatment options. [3]

In 2017 Camhe and Lascher collaborated again on a webseries with Jash and Group Nine Media that released in 2019 called "Cruisers and Shakers."[ citation needed ]


Camhe lives in the New York City area with his wife and two children. His mother is Beverly Camhe.[ citation needed ]

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