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Todd Jensen is an American bassist who has played for various artists, including the bands Sequel, Hardline, [1] and Harlow, as well as David Lee Roth, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Perry, Alice Cooper, [2] Paul Rodgers, and Journey


Todd Jensen played with David Lee Roth in 1991 on the A Little Ain't Enough tour and several Roth tours afterwards, and with Ozzy Osbourne only very briefly, and was replaced by bassist Geezer Butler. Officially, Geezer Butler is credited for all the bass on Ozzmosis , though there have been claims that several uncredited musicians also played on the album, possibly including Todd Jensen. For some time Todd has been David Lee Roth's personal tour manager and was on tour with Van Halen in 2015. In 2021, Todd was asked to play for Journey, while Randy Jackson recovered from back surgery. Jensen played bass for Journey on their Freedom Tour.


With Sequel

With Caryl Mack

With Doro

With Harlow

With Hardline

With Paul Rodgers

Various - Tribute to Deep Purple

With Gunshy

Marc Ferrari & Friends

With Graham Bonnet

With Alice Cooper

With Jeff Scott Soto

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