A Fistful of Alice

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A Fistful of Alice
Live album by
ReleasedJuly 29, 1997 (1997-07-29)
RecordedJune 2, 1996
Venue Cabo Wabo Cantina, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Genre Rock, hard rock, heavy metal [1]
Label Angel
Producer Alice Cooper
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A Fistful of Alice
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A Fistful of Alice is a live album by Alice Cooper. It was released in 1997, and was recorded the previous year at Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Slash plays guitar for part of the album (returning the favor after Cooper guested on "The Garden from the 1991 Guns N' Roses album Use Your Illusion I ) and Cooper says before the song "Desperado" that it was written about Jim Morrison, who died in 1971, the same year Cooper wrote the song. Also featured in the album are Rob Zombie on vocals and Sammy Hagar on guitar. The only song from the show that has not been commercially released is the title track from 1991's Hey Stoopid . The last song, "Is Anyone Home?", is a studio recording recorded specifically for the album.


Live At Cabo Wabo '96 is a 2005 re-packaged release of A Fistful of Alice, using the UK track listing (see below).

Track listing

US Track Listing

1."School's Out" (featuring Rob Zombie and Sammy Hagar)Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith4:21
2."I'm Eighteen"Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith3:47
3."Desperado"Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce4:10
4."Lost in America" (featuring Slash)Alice Cooper, Dan Wexler, Bud Saylor4:14
5."Teenage Lament '74"Alice Cooper, Neal Smith3:28
6."I Never Cry"Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner3:53
7."Poison"Alice Cooper, Desmond Child, John McCurry4:50
8."Billion Dollar Babies"Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, Reggie Vinson3:21
9."Welcome to My Nightmare"Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner4:59
10."Only Women Bleed" (featuring Slash)Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner6:54
11."Feed My Frankenstein" (featuring Rob Zombie)Alice Cooper, Zodiac Mindwarp, Nick Coler, Ian Richardson4:29
12."Elected" (featuring Rob Zombie and Slash)Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith5:00
13."Is Anyone Home?"Alice Cooper, Dan Wexler4:21

UK Track Listing

1."School's Out" (featuring Rob Zombie and Sammy Hagar)4:21
2."Under My Wheels" (Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Bob Ezrin)3:29
3."I'm Eighteen"3:47
5."Lost in America" (featuring Slash)4:14
6."Teenage Lament '74"3:28
7."I Never Cry"3:53
9."No More Mr. Nice Guy" (Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce)3:01
10."Welcome to My Nightmare"4:59
11."Only Women Bleed" (featuring Slash)6:48
12."Feed My Frankenstein" (featuring Rob Zombie)4:29
13."Elected" (featuring Rob Zombie)5:00
14."Is Anyone Home?"4:21

Japanese Track Listing

1."School's Out" (featuring Sammy Hagar)4:21
2."Under My Wheels"3:29
3."I'm Eighteen"3:47
5."Lost in America" (featuring Slash)4:14
6."Teenage Lament '74"3:28
7."I Never Cry"3:53
9."Bed of Nails" (Alice Cooper, Desmond Child, Diane Warren)3:48
10."Clones" (David Carron)3:00
11."No More Mr. Nice Guy"3:01
12."Billion Dollar Babies"3:21
13."Welcome to My Nightmare"4:59
14."Only Women Bleed" (featuring Slash)6:48
15."Feed My Frankenstein" (featuring Rob Zombie)4:29
16."Elected" (featuring Rob Zombie & Slash)5:00
17."Is Anyone Home?"4:21

Australian Track Listing

1."School's Out" (featuring Rob Zombie and Sammy Hagar)4:21
2."Under My Wheels"3:29
3."I'm Eighteen"3:47
5."Lost in America" (featuring Slash)4:14
6."Teenage Lament '74"3:28
7."I Never Cry"3:53
9."No More Mr. Nice Guy"3:01
10."Bed of Nails" (imported UK versions contain Welcome to My Nightmare here)3:48
11."Only Women Bleed" (featuring Slash)6:48
12."Feed My Frankenstein" (featuring Rob Zombie)4:29
13."Elected" (featuring Rob Zombie and Slash)5:00
14."Is Anyone Home?"4:21


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