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Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 18, 2001
69:11 (Special Edition)
Label Spitfire
Producer Alice Cooper, Bob Marlette [2]
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Special Edition
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Dragontown is the fifteenth solo album by Alice Cooper. It was released in 2001 on Spitfire Records. Like Brutal Planet , the album displays a heavier metal style than many of his previous releases. It peaked on Billboard's "Top Independent Albums" Chart at #12, and the Billboard 200 at #197, his lowest album chart performance since 1983’s DaDa , which did not chart at all.


This is the first Alice Cooper studio album to contain no singles. Although Cooper toured the album with his Descent into Dragontown tour in 2001 and 2002, only four Dragontown songs – “Sex, Death and Money”, [3] “Fantasy Man”, [4] “Every Woman Has a Name”, [5] and “Triggerman” [6] – were performed at all during this supporting tour, with only “Sex, Death and Money” and “Fantasy Man” remaining in the setlist to the end. With the exception of five performances of “Disgraceland” [7] in July 2003 during the Bare Bones Tour, nothing from Dragontown has ever been performed live subsequent to the end of the album’s supporting tour.

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Story and themes

Doug Van Pelt, editor of the Christian music oriented HM Magazine , likened Cooper to C.S. Lewis, stating that he "grabs the devil's microphone and attempts to spill his guts and reveal his wicked schemes." [8] Van Pelt further states that "It's Much Too Late" exposes "unrestrained truth" in stating that "The road to hell is littered with nice guys and good intentions..." and likens "Sex, Death and Money" to Proverbs 5 and isn't really about 'Sex, Death, and Money, but talks against it, as the Bible states. [8]

Track listing

All tracks are written by Alice Cooper and Bob Marlette, except where noted.

4."Sex, Death and Money"3:39
5."Fantasy Man"4:05
6."Somewhere in the Jungle"5:22
8."Sister Sara"4:35
9."Every Woman Has a Name"3:45
10."I Just Wanna Be God"3:53
11."It's Much Too Late"4:40
12."The Sentinel"3:53

A special edition was released on September 24, 2002, limited to 7,500 units. It includes the original album and a bonus disc with four additional tracks.

1."Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me" 4:09
2."Go to Hell" (live)Cooper, Dick Wagner, Bob Ezrin 3:48
3."Ballad of Dwight Fry" (live)Cooper, Michael Bruce 4:27
4."Brutal Planet" (remix) 5:27


Session musicians

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