Live at Montreux (Alice Cooper album)

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Live at Montreux 2005
Live album + DVD + HD DVD by
Alice Cooper
ReleasedMay 2006
Recorded Montreux, Switzerland, 2005
Genre Rock, hard rock, heavy metal
Length97:14(DVD) / 66:03(CD)
Label Eagle Vision
Director Romain Guelat, Thierry Amsallem
Producer Claude Nobs, Terry Shand, Geoff Kempin
CD chronology
Dirty Diamonds
Live at Montreux 2005
Along Came a Spider
Alice Cooper DVD chronology
Alice Cooper: Brutally Live
Live at Montreux 2005

Alice Cooper: Live at Montreux 2005 is a live video and album release by Alice Cooper. It was released worldwide in May 2006 as a combined DVD and CD package. In 2014 it was issued as a limited double vinyl release for Record Store Day under the title 'Live In Switzerland 2005'.


The concert was filmed and recorded on July 12, at the 2005 Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland, at the Stravinski Auditorium, as part of Cooper's "Dirty Diamonds" World Tour.

Track listing


  1. Opening credits – 0:16
  2. "Department of Youth" – 2:40
  3. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" – 3:04
  4. "Dirty Diamonds" – 3:45
  5. "Billion Dollar Babies" – 3:34
  6. "Be My Lover" – 3:18
  7. "Lost in America" – 4:31
  8. "I Never Cry" – 2:50
  9. "Woman of Mass Distraction" – 3:53
  10. "I'm Eighteen" – 4:14
  11. "Between High School and Old School" – 2:51
  12. "What Do You Want from Me?" – 3:19
  13. "Is It My Body?" – 3:00
  14. "Go to Hell" – 2:56
  15. "The Black Widow(instrumental) – 2:54
  16. "Drum Solo" (Instrumental) – 3:10
  17. "Gimme" – 2:59
  18. "Feed My Frankenstein" – 3:22
  19. "Welcome to My Nightmare" – 2:57
  20. "The Awakening" – 4:14
  21. "Steven" – 1:47
  22. "Only Women Bleed" – 3:46
  23. "Ballad of Dwight Fry"–4:03
  24. "Killer" – 2:24
  25. "I Love the Dead" – 2:23
  26. "School's Out" – 4:59
  27. "Poison" – 4:52
  28. "Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills" – 3:09
  29. "Under My Wheels" – 4:40
  30. Closing credits – 1:24


  1. "Department of Youth" – 2:40
  2. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" – 3:04
  3. "Dirty Diamonds" – 3:43
  4. "Billion Dollar Babies" – 3:25
  5. "Be My Lover" – 3:17
  6. "Lost in America" – 4:21
  7. "I Never Cry" – 2:45
  8. "Woman of Mass Distraction" – 3:46
  9. "I'm Eighteen" – 4:11
  10. "Between High School and Old School" – 2:53
  11. "What Do You Want from Me?" – 3:16
  12. "Is It My Body?" – 2:51
  13. "Gimme" – 2:57
  14. "Feed My Frankenstein" – 3:38
  15. "Welcome to My Nightmare" – 2:35
  16. "School's Out" – 4:36
  17. "Poison" – 4:42
  18. "Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills" – 3:11
  19. "Under My Wheels" – 4:12


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