Brutal Planet

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Brutal Planet
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 6, 2000
StudioBlue Room and A&M Studios, California
Genre Industrial metal, [1] hard rock [2]
Label Spitfire
Producer Bob Marlette
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A Fistful of Alice
Brutal Planet
Mascara and Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper
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Brutal Planet is the fourteenth solo studio album by Alice Cooper, released in 2000. Musically, this finds Alice tackling a much darker and heavier approach than on previous albums, with many songs approaching a somewhat modern-sounding, industrial/metal sound. Lyrically, it deals with themes of dark "social fiction", including domestic violence ("Take It Like a Woman"), prejudice ("Blow Me a Kiss"), psychopathic behavior ("It's the Little Things"), war ("Pick Up the Bones") and school shootings ("Wicked Young Man"). The album was followed by a sequel, titled Dragontown (2001).


Doug Van Pelt, editor of the alternative Christian music-oriented HM Magazine , found that the lyrics communicated biblical morals "in a very powerful way". [3] Van Pelt stated further that the final argument is provided in the title track, which condemns the systems of judgment that the world uses. [3] Moreover, "Blow Me a Kiss" urges the listener to think deeper about spiritual matters. [3]

Track listing

All tracks are written by Alice Cooper and Bob Marlette except where noted.

1."Brutal Planet" 4:40
2."Wicked Young Man" 3:50
3."Sanctuary" 4:00
4."Blow Me a Kiss"Cooper, Marlette, Bob Ezrin 3:18
5."Eat Some More" 4:36
6."Pick Up the Bones" 5:14
7."Pessi-Mystic"Cooper, Marlette, Brian Nelson4:56
8."Gimme" 4:46
9."It's the Little Things" 4:11
10."Take It Like a Woman" 4:12
11."Cold Machines" 4:14
Japanese edition
12."Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me"4:09
2001 tour edition bonus tracks
12."It's the Little Things" (live) 5:19
13."Wicked Young Man" (live) 3:32
14."Poison" (live)Cooper, Desmond Child, John McCurry 4:52
15."My Generation" (live) Pete Townshend 1:32
16."Total Rock Rockumentary" 35:48


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