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Toddalioideae is a formerly recognized subfamily of the family Rutaceae. Its type genus, Toddalia, is now accepted as a synonym of Zanthoxylum and placed in the subfamily Zanthoxyloideae. [1]

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Rutaceae Family of flowering plants in the order Sapindales

The Rutaceae is a family, commonly known as the rue or citrus family, of flowering plants, usually placed in the order Sapindales.

Nymphalidae Largest butterfly family

The Nymphalidae are the largest family of butterflies, with more than 6,000 species distributed throughout most of the world. Belonging to the superfamily Papilionoidea, they are usually medium-sized to large butterflies. Most species have a reduced pair of forelegs and many hold their colourful wings flat when resting. They are also called brush-footed butterflies or four-footed butterflies, because they are known to stand on only four legs while the other two are curled up; in some species, these forelegs have a brush-like set of hairs, which gives this family its other common name. Many species are brightly coloured and include popular species such as the emperors, monarch butterfly, admirals, tortoiseshells, and fritillaries. However, the under wings are, in contrast, often dull and in some species look remarkably like dead leaves, or are much paler, producing a cryptic effect that helps the butterflies blend into their surroundings.

Sapindaceae Family of flowering plants

The Sapindaceae are a family of flowering plants in the order Sapindales known as the soapberry family. It contains 138 genera and 1858 accepted species. Examples include horse chestnut, maples, ackee and lychee.

<i>Chloroxylon</i> Genus of flowering plants

Chloroxylon is a genus of trees in the family Rutaceae. The genus comprises two species, both desired for their wood as high quality tropical timber and heavily exploited.

<i>Esenbeckia</i> (plant) Genus of flowering plants

Esenbeckia is a genus of flowering plants in the rue family, Rutaceae. All species in the genus are native to the Americas, with the highest diversity in South America. They are commonly known as jopoy, the Mayan word for E. berlandieri, or gasparillo (Spanish).

Citrus oxanthera, synonym Oxanthera aurantium, is a species of plant in the family Rutaceae. Sometimes referred to commonly as the orange-flowered oxanthera, it is endemic to New Caledonia.

The false oranges are a group of flowering plants in the Citrus genus, within the family, Rutaceae. They are endemic to New Caledonia.

Citrus neocaledonica, synonym Oxanthera neocaledonica, the large leaf oxanthera, is a species of plant in the family Rutaceae. It is endemic to New Caledonia.

Citrus undulata, synonym Oxanthera undulata, the wavy-leaf oxanthera, is a species of plant in the family Rutaceae. It is endemic to New Caledonia.

Spathelia is a genus in the plant family Rutaceae, subfamily Cneoroideae. Species records are from central America and the Caribbean.

Aurantioideae Subfamily of flowering plants

Aurantioideae is the subfamily within the rue and citrus family (Rutaceae) that contains the citrus. The subfamily's center of diversity is in the monsoon region of eastern Australasia, extending west through South Asia into Africa, and eastwards into Polynesia.

<i>Clymenia</i> (plant) Genus of fruits and plants

Clymenia is a small genus of flowering plants in the family Rutaceae. There are two species included in the genus: Clymenia platypoda and Clymenia polyandra. The genus is often included in Citrus.

Rutoideae Subfamily of flowering plants

Rutoideae is a flowering plant subfamily in the family Rutaceae. The subfamily has had varying circumscriptions. In a 2012 classification of the family it was one of only two subfamilies and contained most of the genera, whereas in a 2021 classification it has only five genera.

Cneoroideae Subfamily of flowering plants

Cneoroideae is a subfamily of flowering plants that belongs to the family Rutaceae. The subfamilies Dictyolomatoideae and Spathelioideae are now included in the subfamily Cneoroideae.

<i>Atalantia</i> Genus of flowering plants

Atalantia is a genus of flowering plants in the citrus family, the Rutaceae.

Comptonella is a plant genus endemic to New Caledonia in the subfamily Rutoideae in the family Rutaceae. Molecular phylogenetic analyses suggest that this genus is nested in Melicope.

Feroniella Species of plant

Citrus lucida is a fruit-bearing tree of the genus Citrus. It is native to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and the island of Java, Indonesia.

Harrisonia is a small genus of flowering plants in the subfamily Cneoroideae of the Rutaceae. Older taxonomic treatments have placed this genus in the Simaroubaceae.

Zanthoxyloideae is a subfamily of the family Rutaceae.

Amyridoideae is a subfamily of the family Rutaceae. The circumscription of the family has varied considerably. A 2014 classification placed a large proportion of the genera in the family Rutaceae in Amyridoideae. A more recent 2021 classification includes only three genera.


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