Togolese Championnat National

Last updated
Championnat National de Premiere Division
Current season:
Soccerball current event.svg 2023–24 Togolese Championnat National
Confederation Confederation of African Football
Number of teams12
Level on pyramid1
Domestic cup(s) Coupe du Togo
International cup(s) Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current champions ASKO Kara
Most championships AC Semassi (10)

The Championnat National de Premiere Division is a football league featuring clubs from Togo, and is the primary competition of Togolese football. Founded in 1961, it is administered by the Togolese Football Federation.


2021−22 clubs

Group A

Group B

Previous winners

Champions were: [1]

Performance by club

AC Semassi 10
ASKO Kara 8
Étoile Filante 7
Dynamic Togolais 6
Modèle Lomé 4
Lomé 13
OC Agaza 2
AS Douanes 2
Maranatha 2
Doumbé 1
Ifodje 1
Anges 1
AS Togo-Port 1
US Koroki 1
ASC Kara 1

Top goalscorers

YearBest scorersTeamGoals
2000 Flag of Togo.svg Mohamed Dini Agaza8
2004–05 Flag of Togo.svg Koumaï Madjabaou Douanes
2006–07 Mawuli Houedakor Togo Telecom
2011-12 Flag of Togo.svg Euloge Placca Fessou Agaza19
2012–13 Flag of Togo.svg Saibou Badarou Douanes14
2016-17 Flag of Togo.svg Ashraf AgoroUnispor13

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Togolese Football Federation</span> Governing body of football in Togo

The Togolese Football Federation or FTF is the governing body of football in Togo. In 2006, the Togo national football team participated for first time in the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Mohamed Kader</span> Togolese footballer

Mohamed Abdel-Kader Coubadja-Touré is a Togolese former professional footballer who played as a forward.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Daré Nibombé</span> Togolese footballer (1980)

Daré Nibombé is a Togolese former professional footballer who played as a centre-back. He became the head coach of the U21 squad of Tubize in 2017.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Étoile Filante du Togo</span> Togolese football club

Étoile Filante du Togo is a professional Togolese football club based in Lomé. Their home stadium is Stade Oscar Anthony. The club name translates as "Shooting Star of Lomé" and are known locally as "The Meteors".

Dynamic Togolais is a Togolese football club based in Lomé.

The Coupe du Togo is the top knockout tournament of the Togolese football.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tadjou Salou</span> Togolese footballer

Tadjou Salou was a Togolese footballer player who played as a defender.

Mani Sapol is a Togolese football midfielder currently playing for Dynamic Togolais.

Blaise Kouma is a footballer from the Togolese Republic. He currently plays for Étoile Filante de Lomé.

Sadat Ouro-Akoriko is a Togolese international footballer who plays for ASKO Kara as a centre back.

Luc Agbala Watékou was a Togo international football forward and referee.

Lomé I, named later Déma Club de Lomé was a professional Togolese football club based in Lomé. It was founded in 1974 as part of the sports reform of the Togolese Football Federation by merging Étoile Filante de Lomé, Modèle de Lomé and Dynamic Togolais. In 1978, the club was dissolved as part of the second sport reform. Their home stadium was Stade Général Eyadema.

The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Lomé, Togo.

Maklibè Kouloum is a Togolese international footballer who plays for Dynamic Togolais as a midfielder.

The 2016–17 Togolese Championnat National season was the top level of football competition in Togo after being cancelled in 2015. It began on 11 September 2016 and concluded on 28 May 2017.

The 2018 Coupe du Togo is the 2018 edition of the Coupe du Togo, the knockout football competition of Togo.

The 2018–19 Togolese Championnat National is the 49th season of the Togolese Championnat National, the top-tier football league in Togo, since its establishment in 1961 following independence. The season started on 22 September 2018.

Gnama Akaté is a Togolese professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for ASKO Kara and the Togo national team.


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