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Tokerud skole
Tokerud School
Coordinates 59°58′00″N10°56′02″E / 59.9667°N 10.9339°E / 59.9667; 10.9339 Coordinates: 59°58′00″N10°56′02″E / 59.9667°N 10.9339°E / 59.9667; 10.9339

Tokerud skole is a school in the Tokerud Stovner borough of Oslo, Norway. It is located between Vestli and Stovner at the forest's edge in at Liastua. The school covers grades 8-10, with approximately 270 students and 45 employees. It was established in 1975. The school has access to ski slopes with ski lift, artificial turf field and four tennis courts.

The school was upgraded in 2003 with an IT network and computer equipment, including wireless in all rooms and associated fiber optic cable. In 2004, the school scored among Oslo's best, based on the measurement of learning outcomes from 8 to 10 grades.[ citation needed ] In 2007 the school buildings were rehabilitated. [1]

Tokerud school was moved to Bredtvet school after the summer of 2014 because the school needed to be rebuilt which is said to be finished in 2016. Bredtvet school is not a normal school but an empty school building that is used by other schools when they have to renovate. Tokerud school had to renovate due to mold and fungus damages.

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Grorud Line

The Grorud Line is a 13.0-kilometer long (8.1 mi) line on the Oslo Metro between Tøyen and Vestli in Oslo, Norway. Built as a mix of underground, at ground level and as an elevated line, it runs through the northern part of Groruddalen, serving such neighborhoods as Grorud, Romsås and Stovner. Line 5 runs along the entire line four times per hour. Line 4 runs between Vestli and Økern before branching off on the Løren Line to get onto the Ring Line. With 40,000 daily riders, the Grorud Line is the busiest branch of the metro.

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Trosterud is a station on Furusetbanen in the Alna borough between Haugerud and Lindeberg, 8.4 km from Stortinget. The station is located overground, but is inside the Trosterud shopping centre, and not an open-air station. It is located in a largely residential area with several apartment buildings.

Brage Sandmoen is a Norwegian football referee. He debuted in the Norwegian Premier League in 2001, He represents Kjelsås IL. Sandmoen refereed the Norwegian cup final in 2005 between Molde and Lillestrøm.

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Ski Station is a railway station located in Ski, Norway. Located 24 kilometres (15 mi) from Oslo Central Station on the Østfold Line, at the point where the railway splits in two into an eastern and western line.

Bredtveit Prison

Bredtveit Prison is a prison located in the neighborhood of Bredtvet in Oslo, Norway. During World War II it was a concentration camp.


Bredtvet is a neighborhood in the borough of Bjerke in Oslo, Norway.

Høybråten og Stovner IL

Høybråten og Stovner Idrettslag is a Norwegian sports club from Stovner borough, Oslo. It has sections for association football, team handball, track and field, orienteering, skiing, gymnastics and floorball.

East End and West End of Oslo

The East End and West End are used as names for the two parts of Oslo, Norway, formed by the economic and socially segregating separation line that has historically passed along the street Uelands gate. The Akerselva river is often seen as a boundary between west and east, but that can be misleading, as there are working-class neighbourhoods on both sides of the river.

Norefjell Ski Resort

Norefjell Ski Resort is a mountain ski resort located in Krødsherad, Norway, on the mountainside of Norefjell. The venue for four Olympic alpine skiing events in 1952, it is located northwest of Oslo, 90 minutes away by vehicle.

Oslo Police District is the largest police district in Norway. The Police District of Asker og Bærum and Oslo Police District are from January 1, 2016 merged into one, Police Districts Asker and Bærum and Oslo are from 1 January 2016 merged into one, and kept the name Oslo Police District. The police district comprises three municipalities, Oslo, Asker and Bærum. It has a total population of around 800,000 people. Oslo Police District has seven police stations in charge of policing duties, including assignments in terms of order, prevention and investigation purposes in the surrounding areas.

The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Oslo, Norway.