Tokyo Rock City

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Tokyo Rock City
Compilation album by
ReleasedNovember 6, 2007
Genre Rock, heavy metal, rap rock, symphonic metal
Label Sony BMG

Tokyo Rock City is a compilation album, issued by Sony BMG in cooperation with Kastella Media, featuring tracks by artists who mostly are from the Japanese visual kei scene. [1]

Track listing

1."Nagare Kukyo This World (Death Note Version)" ( Uverworld ) 
2."Bakamono no Uta" ( Keshyr Nheira ) 
3."Crazy" ( Doping Panda ) 
4."*Asterisk" ( Orange Range ) 
5."Nephilim" ( Abingdon Boys School ) 
6."D.D.D. (Album Version)" ( Siam Shade ) 
7."Enrai ~Tooku ni Aru Akari~" ( High and Mighty Color ) 
8."Kokui no Tennyo" ( Onmyo-Za ) 
9."Kaminari" ( Rize ) 
10."The Love From a Dead Orchestra" ( Versailles ) 

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City pop is a loose category of Japanese pop music that emerged in the late 1970s and peaked in the 1980s. It was originally termed as an offshoot of Japan's Western-influenced "new music", but came to include a wide range of styles associated with the country's leisure class and nascent economic boom, such as AOR, soft rock, R&B, funk, and boogie. It was also identified with new technologies such as the Walkman, cars with built-in cassette decks and FM stereos, and various electronic musical instruments.


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