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Tom Creek is a creek located in the Omineca Country region of British Columbia. The creek flows into Kenny Creek. Tom Creek was discovered in 1869 by the Byrnes Party. The creek yielded gold for more than one hundred years. This creek has been mined for silver and gold. The creek has been mined using wing-damming and hand-mining by Europeans and Chinese miners. [1]

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Harris Creek is a creek in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. The creek is located to the south of the village of Lumby in the North Okanagan. Harris Creek has been mined for gold. The total output mined for Harris Creek amounts to $125,000.

Spruce Creek is located in the Atlin Country region of British Columbia. The creek flows into Pine Creek. Fred Marius discovered gold in this creek in 1898. In 1899 two American prospectors named West and Hoffenen found a gold nugget which weighed just over 83 ounces. The nugget was nicknamed "the west". "The west" nugget contained some quartz and thus was not the largest solid gold nugget found in British Columbia. The creek produced over 300,000 fine ounces of gold, valued at $7,000,000.

Lost Creek is a creek located in the Omineca Country region of British Columbia. The creek flows into the Manson River from the south and was discovered in 1871. Lost Creek has been mined by Europeans and Chinese miners.

Manson River is a river located in the Omineca Country region of British Columbia. It flows north into Manson Arm, Williston Lake. The river is located south of Germansen Landing. It was first known as Manson Creek and was discovered in 1871 by Robert Howell. The river has been mined using wing-damming, drifting and hydraulicking. Manson River has been mined by Europeans and Chinese.

Silver Creek is a creek located in the Omineca Country region of British Columbia. The creek flows from the south into the Omineca River approximately 35 miles west of Germansen Landing. The creek was discovered by Byrnes' "Peace River Prospecting Party" in 1869. Gold and silver have been recovered from the creek. The creek has been mined by Europeans and Chinese Miners.

Slate Creek is a creek located in the Omineca Country region of British Columbia. This creek is a tributary of the Manson River and flows into that river from the west. Slate Creek was discovered in 1871. The creek has been mined using wing-damming and hand-mining.

Vital Creek is a creek located in the Omineca Country region of British Columbia, flowing eastward from its source in the Vital Range to meet Silver Creek, joining that creek from the west about 5 miles from its mouth into the Omineca River, about 41 km northeast of Takla Landing.

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