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Tom Lavin is a Chicago-born 1950 musician and record producer and founding member of the Juno Award winning (1981) Canadian group, Powder Blues. Leader, Tom Lavin has written many of the band’s best-known songs including ‘Doin’ It Right’ a SOCAN Classics Winner [1] and ‘Boppin With the Blues’. Tom Lavin has won BCMIA awards for ‘Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter and Producer of the Year’, a Juno award for ‘Best New Band’ and the American W.C. Handy Blues Music Award.[ citation needed ]

As a record producer, Lavin has over a dozen gold, and platinum records for Powder Blues, Prism, April Wine, Long John Baldry, Amos Garrett, and many others. Lavin played guitar on Prism's self-titled album, Prism (1977) on GRT Records, and guitar and drums on the Dale Jacobs and Cobra album for CBS Records (1977). [2]

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Tom Lavin

As a composer, Lavin is credited with the soundtrack scores for Out of the Blue (1980), and Genie Award winning My American Cousin (1985).[ citation needed ]

Other CDs produced by Lavin include Juno Award nominated James Buddy Rogers 'My Guitar's My Only Friend' [3] and 'Rollin' With the Blues Boss' by Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne Stony Plain Records. [4] Lavin continues to record and perform as Tom Lavin & the Legendary Powder Blues Band and is also currently[ when? ] director of the Pacific Audio Visual Institute.[ citation needed ]

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