Tom and Jerry, or Life in London

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Tom and Jerry, or Life in London was a stage adaptation by William Moncrieff of Pierce Egan's Life in London, or Days and Nights of Jerry Hawthorne and his elegant friend Corinthian Tom. It ran at the Adelphi Theatre in London between 1821 and 1823 and at several New York theaters beginning in 1823. The London production included real beggars like Billy Waters who had previously busked outside theatres. [1]


The original Jemmy Green was played by Robert Keeley.

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Tom and Jerry are cat and mouse cartoon characters, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse, that debuted in 1940.

Pierce Egan (1772–1849) was a British journalist, sportswriter, and writer on popular culture.

Regency era Era in the United Kingdom

The Regency in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was a period at the end of the Georgian era, when King George III was deemed unfit to rule due to his illness, and his son ruled as his proxy, as prince regent. Upon George III's death in 1820, the prince regent became King George IV. The term Regency can refer to various stretches of time; some are longer than the decade of the formal Regency which lasted from 1811 to 1820. The period from 1795 to 1837, which includes the latter part of George III's reign and the reigns of his sons George IV and William IV, is sometimes regarded as the Regency era, characterised by distinctive trends in British architecture, literature, fashions, politics, and culture.

Tom Cribb British boxer

Tom Cribb was a world champion English bare-knuckle boxer of the 19th century.

Adelphi Theatre West End theatre in London, England, fourth of that name on this site

The Adelphi Theatre is a London West End theatre, located on the Strand in the City of Westminster. The present building is the fourth on the site. The theatre has specialised in comedy and musical theatre, and today it is a receiving house for a variety of productions, including many musicals. The theatre was Grade II listed for historical preservation on 1 December 1987.

Tom and Jerry (drink) Christmastime cocktail in the United States

A Tom and Jerry is a traditional Christmastime cocktail in the United States, devised by British journalist Pierce Egan in the 1820s. It is a variant of eggnog with brandy and rum added and served hot, usually in a mug or a bowl.

Cambridge Theatre West End theatre in Camden, London, England

The Cambridge Theatre is a West End theatre, on a corner site in Earlham Street facing Seven Dials, in the London Borough of Camden, built in 1929–30 for Bertie Meyer on an "irregular triangular site".

William Terriss British actor

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John Baldwin Buckstone English actor and playwright

John Baldwin Buckstone was an English actor, playwright and comedian who wrote 150 plays, the first of which was produced in 1826.

Tom Spring English bare-knuckle fighter

Tom Spring was an English bare-knuckle fighter. He was heavyweight champion of England from 1821 until his retirement in 1824. After his retirement he became landlord of the Castle Inn at Holborn in London, where he arranged the patronage and contracts of many of the major boxing events of the period while overseeing fair play in the ring.

William Thomas Moncrieff commonly referred as W.T. Moncrieff was an English dramatist.

Fanny Fitzwilliam English actress

Frances "Fanny" Elizabeth Fitzwilliam was a British actor.

<i>Ever Green</i> musical

Ever Green is a musical with music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Lorenz Hart and a book by Benn Levy. This was the last of three musicals written by Rodgers and Hart in London.

Samuel Anderson Emery British actor

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Paddington Tom Jones British boxer

Paddington Jones was a British boxer from 1785 to 1805. He was born in Paddington, London.

Robert Keeley (comedian) English actor-manager, comedian and female impersonator

Robert Keeley was an English actor-manager, comedian and female impersonator of the nineteenth century. In 1823 he originated the role of 'Fritz' in Presumption; or, the Fate of Frankenstein, the first known stage adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein.

Billy Waters (busker) Beggar, actor and musician

Billy Waters was a black man who busked in London in the nineteenth century by singing, playing the violin and entertaining theatre goers with his "peculiar antics". He became famous when he appeared as a character in William Thomas Moncrieff's Tom and Jerry, or Life in London in 1821.

Henry Leigh Murray English actor

Henry Leigh Murray (1820–1870) was an English actor.

John Reeve (actor) British actor

John Reeve (1799–1838) was an English comic actor. His early career was based on mimicry: he became a popular favourite, able to continue in highly-paid work, despite drinking heavily and not learning his parts.

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