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Origin New York City, New York
Genres Film score, soundtrack, trance music
  • Andy Milburn
  • Thomas Hajdu

Tomandandy is an American musical duo from New York City, consisting of members Thomas Hajdu and Andy Milburn. While they are best known for their work scoring films, [1] [2] their portfolio includes music for television commercials [3] as well as television programs, records and art installations. [4]



Andy Milburn was born in Texas and went to Princeton University for undergraduate as well as graduate work. At Princeton, his primary focus was creating computer music and computer music applications. During that time, he contributed to the early computer music system called Real-time Cmix. Thomas Hajdu was born in Canada and moved to the US to work on his graduate studies at Princeton University. Tom has sat on many award juries and chaired and spoken at international conferences about the impact of technology on content including TED, MIT Enterprise Forum and Digital Hollywood.

Milburn and Hajdu moved to New York after Princeton and started collaborating with film director Mark Pellington at MTV and film editors Hank Corwin and Bruce Ashley in the UK. Soon their work was being used in commercials, TV shows, feature films, art installations and record projects. Tomandandy quickly grew and they built a number of recording studios in New York and later in Los Angeles. At the same time, Tomandandy invested in technological innovations focusing on digital entertainment. A notable project was the MTV "Buzz" series. [5]

In 1992, Tomandandy appeared on the Red Hot Organization's dance compilation album, Red Hot + Dance , contributing an original dance track, "Theme From Red Hot & Dance (Gothic Mix)." The album attempted to raise awareness and money in support of the AIDS epidemic, and all proceeds were donated to AIDS charities.

In 2009, Tomandandy won Best Horror Score (runner-up) in Fangoria's Chainsaw Award [6] for their score to The Strangers .

Selected discography

Other works

Film scores

1994 Killing Zoe Roger Avary N/A
1995 Mr. Stitch Roger AvaryTelevision film
1997 Going All the Way Mark Pellington N/A
2000 Waking the Dead Keith Gordon Composed with Scott Shields
2002 The Mothman Prophecies Mark PellingtonN/A
2002 The Rules of Attraction Roger AvaryN/A
2003 Faster Mark Neale N/A
2004 Mean Creek Jacob Aaron Estes N/A
2004 Freshman Orientation Ryan ShirakiN/A
2005Love, LudlowAdrienne WeissN/A
2006 Right at Your Door Chris Gorak N/A
2006 The Hills Have Eyes Alexandre Aja N/A
2006 The Covenant Renny Harlin N/A
2007 P2 Franck Khalfoun N/A
2008 Sleep Dealer Alex Rivera N/A
2008 The Strangers Bryan Bertino N/A
2008 The Echo Yam Laranas N/A
2009 The Good Guy Julio DePietroComposed with Kurt Oldman
2010 Resident Evil: Afterlife Paul W. S. Anderson N/A
2010 And Soon the Darkness Marcos EfronN/A
2011 I Melt with You Mark PellingtonN/A
2011 The Details Jacob Aaron EstesN/A
2011 Fastest Mark NealeN/A
2012 Citadel Ciaran Foy N/A
2012 The Apparition Todd LincolnN/A
2012 Resident Evil: Retribution Paul W. S. AndersonN/A
2013Blaze You OutMateo Frazier
Diego Joaquin Lopez
2013 Innocence Hilary BrougherN/A
2014 Animal Brett SimmonsN/A
2014 Girl House Trevor Matthews N/A
2014 7 Minutes Jay MartinN/A
2015 H8RZ Derrick Borte N/A
2015 Sinister 2 Ciaran FoyN/A
2016 Havenhurst Andrew C. Erin N/A
2016 The Monster Bryan Bertino N/A
2016 City of Joy Madeleine GavinComposed with Lokua Kanza
2017 47 Meters Down Johannes Roberts N/A
2017 Wish Upon John R. Leonetti N/A
2019 The Wolf's Call Antonin Baudry N/A
2019 The Silence John R. LeonettiN/A
2019 47 Meters Down: Uncaged Johannes RobertsN/A
2019 Haunt Scott Beck
Bryan Woods
2019 Lucky Day Roger AvaryN/A

Selected artistic collaborations

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