Tomcat Alley

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Tomcat Alley
Tomcatalley mcd.jpg
Developer(s) The Code Monkeys (Sega CD)
Novotrade (PC)
Publisher(s) Sega
Designer(s) John Zuur Platten
Platform(s) Sega CD, Windows
ReleaseSega CD
  • JP: December 22, 1994
  • US: 1994
  • EU: 1994
Windows 95
  • NA: November 6, 1995
Genre(s) Action, FMV game
Mode(s) Single-player

Tomcat Alley is an interactive movie FMV video game developed by The Code Monkeys for Sega CD. It was the first Sega CD game to feature extensive full screen, full motion video. [1] It was later released, with higher quality video, for Windows-based PCs. [1] A 32X version was also in development, [2] but never released.



The player controls a United States Navy pilot who has to bring peace and stability to the world after the cash-poor former Soviet Union sold off some of its military equipment to an unfriendly government.

The game takes place in a full screen, full motion video, first-person perspective, and the player has to move quickly to launch missiles at enemy aircraft.

Critical reception

GamePro named Tomcat Alley the best Sega CD game at the 1994 Consumer Electronics Show, commenting, "The demo at CES was stunning. It still had that grainy Sega CD look and feel, but you actually felt like you were flying inside the Tomcat." [3] They later reviewed the game and gave it a perfect score, stating: "Tomcat Alley uses actors, sets, and outstanding aerial footage to create a breathtaking aerial battlefield." [4] Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the game a largely negative review: "Aaargh, another full-motion video game! If you've played Night Trap or Double Switch , then you've played Tomcat Alley. ... the video [is] very blocky and often hard to see". [1]

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