Toni Ho

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Iron Patriot
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance New Avengers Vol. 4 #1 (December 2015)
U.S.Avengers Vol. 1 #1 (March 2017; as Iron Patriot)
Created by Al Ewing
Gerardo Sandoval
In-story information
Alter egoAntonia Yinsen
Team affiliations U.S.Avengers
Notable aliases Iron Patriot

Dr. Toni Ho is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.


Publication history

Toni Ho first appeared in New Avengers Vol. 4 #1 (December 2015), and created by Al Ewing (writer) and Gerardo Sandoval (artist).

Fictional character biography

Antonia Yinsen is Ho Yinsen's daughter who is an engineer with three doctorates. [1]

She becomes a member of the rehabilitated Avengers Idea Mechanics after being bought out by Roberto da Costa. As part of the group, she serves as part of a support team for the New Avengers. [2] Toni also studied Aikku Jokinen, the sentient Pod suit's wearer. Toni took an interest in Aikku, not only due to the Pod suit but because she sympathizes with Aikku's personal reasons for not wanting to take Pod off. Toni falls in love with Aikku who reciprocated these feelings. Both were attacked by the Maker to which Toni (in her own Iron Man armor) defended Aikku and Pod. When Pod ejected Aikku, Toni helps her love interest with the new undersuit. [3]

Toni is a member of the U.S.Avengers as the Iron Patriot . [4] In their first mission, the team encountered the Secret Empire in a floating volcanic island base. They're later approached by a future equivalent of Captain America when the Golden Skull arrived in the present timeline to steal all the world's wealth. In Miami, Florida, the team crashes a charity gala only to discover that the wealthy CEOs were kidnapped and replaced by robots. During the battle, the team manages to defeat and capture the Golden Skull wearing a golden armored suit, and Captain America then goes back to the future timeline with the Golden Skull as prisoner. [5]

During the "Opening Salvo" part of the "Secret Empire" storyline, Aikku gets concerned about Toni, since she's been spending too much time on her upgraded Iron Patriot armor. [6] During the event, the team arrives in Washington D.C. to confront Hydra when Robert Maverick attacks the group due to nanites that were injected by Hydra double-agent Kyle. In an attempt to save the group, Toni used a teleportation device to send Enigma and Squirrel Girl away, where they ended up in Paris. She and the Red Hulk are then captured and imprisoned, when they see Roberto nearly dead in one of the cells. While adjusting to prison life, Toni manages to save Roberto just in time when Hydra soldiers arrive at their cell. At the prison, Toni helps Roberto to defeat the guards and free Red Hulk from the controlling nanites, enabling them to take control of the prison. She then makes contact with Enigma, after she and Squirrel Girl help the Champions of Europe to defeat Hydra soldiers in Paris, and makes plans to have them return to the US. She also tells Enigma that she'll quit the Iron Patriot mantle so that their relationship can continue. During the course of this imprisonment, Toni lets go of some of her anger towards her father's sacrifice, a heroic act that should be honored. In the aftermath of the event, Toni deactivates Red Hulk's nanites, enabling Maverick to return to normal. She's later approached by some A.I.M. agents who want her to be the organization's new leader after Roberto quits. [7]

While traveling through space, Smasher and the U.S.Avengers are attacked by space pirates known as warpjackers. After a brief fight, the pirates tell them that Glenbrook is actually the planet Kral X and that its ruler Ritchie Redwood is ruthless. Arriving in Kral X, the heroes manage to help Cannonball and the planet's rebels in overthrowing Ritchie. After restoring order to the planet, the heroes head home. [8]

After Roberto left the American Intelligence Mechanics, Toni succeeded and allowed the rogue A.I.M. cells to regain their acronym as Toni had her organization rebranded as R.E.S.C.U.E. [9]

Other versions

An alternate version of the character is shown having had a brief relationship with Rikki Barnes who had been reincarnated into her reality until they were both murdered by the Maker. [10]

In other media

Toni Ho makes a cameo appearance in the Avengers: Ultron Revolution animated television series episode "Into the Future", voiced by Laura Bailey. This version hails from a possible future where she opposes Kang the Conqueror alongside Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thunderstrike, and Joaquin Torres. [11]

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