Tony Ameneiro

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Tony Ameneiro
Tony Ameneiro

1959 (age 6162)
Nationality Australian
EducationAlexander Mackie College of Advanced Education
Known for Drawing, Printmaking, Etching, Lithography
Movementarrived Australia 1968
Awards2007 Grand Prize, Fremantle Print Award
2004 Toowoomba Biennale Acquisitive Art Award
2009 Geelong Acquisitive Print Prize, Geelong Art Gallery

Tony Ameneiro (born 1959 London, UK arrived Australia 1968) is an Australian contemporary visual artist whose work focuses around his drawing and printmaking practice. [1]



Ameneiro was born in London in 1959 to Spanish parents and emigrated to Australia in 1968. He studied at the Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education 1979–1981. During his time at art school, he met Graeme Synold and together they formed the Post-punk group, Tablewaiters in 1980. With Ameneiro on synthesiser and Synold on lead vocals, they were soon joined by other band members. [2] As a member of Tablewaiters, Ameneiro provided the cover artwork for their single, "Scattered Visions" (1984) [3] [4]

Known for his figurative work that often centres around references to art history, botany and landscape, [5] Ameneiro works primarily in printmaking, [6] etching, [7] lithography, monotyping, [8] painting, drawing.
Ameneiro was the winner of the 2007 Fremantle Print Award. He has been twice selected as commissioned print-artist for the Print Council of Australia. He has also been a three-time finalist in the Dobell Prize in 2003 [9] 2006 [10] and 2012. [11] [12] [13]
His work is represented in select major private and corporate collections, as well as public and university museum collections nationally and internationally including the British Museum, National Gallery of Australia, [14] Art Gallery of New South Wales, [15] Queensland Art Gallery, State Library of Victoria and the Art Gallery of South Australia. Illustrated essays, articles and reviews on his work have been published in selected Australian newspapers and recognised art press including The Australian, [16] Art Monthly Australia, [17] [18] Print Council of Australia's (PCA) quarterly journal IMPRINT [19] Periphery [20] and Artlink Magazine. [21]
He has been a regular artist in residence at the Art Vault Mildura, along with other artists such as Geoffrey Ricardo Mike Parr and Rick Amor. [22] His studio [23] has editioned prints for various Australian artists including the 2011 Archibald Prize winning artist Ben Quilty and the 2011 Dobell Prize winner Anne Judell. He is based in Mittagong, New South Wales, Australia.

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