Too Dead for Me

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Too Dead For Me EP
EP by
Released1 October 1999
Genre Digital hardcore, punk rock, noise
Label Digital Hardcore Recordings
Producer Alec Empire
Atari Teenage Riot chronology
60 Second Wipe Out
Too Dead For Me EP
Revolution Action E.P.

Too Dead For Me EP is an EP by Atari Teenage Riot released in 1999 on CD and as a 12" vinyl record to promote their album 60 Second Wipe Out , where the title track originated.


"Revolution Action (Live In San Francisco)/[Noise#3]" and "No Remorse [Live In New York 1999]/[Noise #1]" were both re-released on Redefine the Enemy - Rarities and B-Side Compilation 1992-1999 , in their entirety but the titles were truncated, removing the words "[Noise #3]" and "[Noise #1]". "Death Of A President DIY [Acapella]" was also re-released on Redefine the Enemy - Rarities and B-Side Compilation 1992-1999 .

Track listing

1."Too Dead for Me/[noise #2]"4:23
2."Revolution Action/[noise #3]" (Live in San Francisco 1999)4:45
3."Anarchy 999" (Real Mix)4:01
4."Death of a President" (Accapella)0:28
5."No Remorse/[noise #1]" (Live in New York 1999)5:33
Total length:19:10


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