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Toronto Life
EditorSarah Fulford (Since 2008)
Former editors John Edward Macfarlane (1992-2007)
PublisherKen Hunt
Total circulation
(June 2015)
87,929 [1]
First issue 1966 (1966-month)
Company St. Joseph Media
Based inToronto
ISSN 0049-4194

Toronto Life is a monthly magazine about entertainment, politics and life in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Toronto Life also publishes a number of annual special interest guides about the city, including Real Estate, Stylebook, Eating & Drinking, City Home and Neighbourhoods. Established in 1966, it has been owned by St. Joseph Communications since 2002. Toronto Life has a circulation of 87,929 [2] and readership of 890,000. [3] The magazine is a major winner of the Canadian National Magazine Awards, leading current publications with 110 gold awards including 3 awards for Magazine of the Year in 1985, 1989, and 2007. [4] It is also known for publishing an annual 50 most influential people in Toronto list. [5]

A magazine is a publication, usually a periodical publication, which is printed or electronically published. Magazines are generally published on a regular schedule and contain a variety of content. They are generally financed by advertising, by a purchase price, by prepaid subscriptions, or a combination of the three.

Entertainment activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight

Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight. It can be an idea or a task, but is more likely to be one of the activities or events that have developed over thousands of years specifically for the purpose of keeping an audience's attention. Although people's attention is held by different things, because individuals have different preferences in entertainment, most forms are recognisable and familiar. Storytelling, music, drama, dance, and different kinds of performance exist in all cultures, were supported in royal courts, developed into sophisticated forms and over time became available to all citizens. The process has been accelerated in modern times by an entertainment industry that records and sells entertainment products. Entertainment evolves and can be adapted to suit any scale, ranging from an individual who chooses a private entertainment from a now enormous array of pre-recorded products; to a banquet adapted for two; to any size or type of party, with appropriate music and dance; to performances intended for thousands; and even for a global audience.

Politics is a set of activities associated with the governance of a country or an area. It involves making decisions that apply to group of members.



Established in 1966, Toronto Life was purchased by Michael de Pencier in 1972 and held until 2002, when it was sold to St. Joseph Media. [6] The publisher also owns the tourism magazine Where Canada (published in several large cities), Fashion , Wish, Wedding Bells, and several smaller magazines. The current editor-in-chief is Sarah Fulford, succeeded long-time editor John Macfarlane (1992-2007) in January 2008. [7]

Michael Christian de Pencier, is an entrepreneur, environmental investor, and publisher. He is the grandson of Archbishop Adam de Pencier and brother-in-law of Richard A. N. Bonnycastle.

<i>Fashion</i> (magazine) Canadian fashion magazine

Fashion is a Canadian fashion magazine published by St. Joseph Media. Established in 1977, it is currently based in Toronto, publishes 10 issues a year and has a total readership of 1.85 million.

In 2015, Jennifer Pan’s Revenge: The inside story of a golden child, the killers she hired, and the parents she wanted dead, [8] by Karen K. Ho brought the previously relatively obscure Jennifer Pan murder case to international attention. [9] [10]

Jennifer Pan is a Vietnamese-Canadian woman of Chinese-Vietnamese ancestry convicted of a 2010 kill-for-hire attack targeting both of her parents, in response to their alleged severely abusive "tiger parenting" into her mid-20s. The crime took place at the Pan residence in Unionville, Markham, Ontario, in the Greater Toronto Area. Jeremy Grimaldi, a journalist of the Markham Economist & Sun and the author of A Daughter's Deadly Deception: The Jennifer Pan Story, stated that the affair "captivated many, if for nothing else than the sheer intrigue of a case involving matricide, a rarity in Canada."

In October 2018, it was announced that Toronto Life will launch a membership program with access to Toronto Life’s events, as well as special offers from local venues. [11]


In March 2014, Toronto Life was required to shut down its unpaid internship program implemented in 2009, after the Ontario Ministry of Labour declared that its longstanding practice of not paying interns was in contravention of the Employment Standards Act. [12] The magazine responded, saying "The idea that we can start paying everybody completely misunderstands the nature of the economics of the magazine industry at the moment." [13] Toronto Life's first (unpaid) intern, Derek Finkle, started with the magazine in 1993. During his internship he wrote a cover story for the magazine for free. He weighed in on the controversy saying that he backs the decision of the Ontario Ministry of Labour. [14]

In December 2014, Toronto Star published an investigation stating that in 2013 the magazine dismissed a feature about 15 women Jian Ghomeshi was dating after the protest of his PR team. [15]

Jian Ghomeshi Canadian musician and writer

Jian Ghomeshi is a Canadian musician, writer, and former CBC Radio broadcaster. From 1990 to 2000, he was a vocalist and drummer in the Thornhill-based folk-pop band Moxy Früvous. In the 2000s, he became a television and radio broadcaster. He has hosted, among others, the CBC Newsworld TV show >play (2002–2005), the CBC Radio One radio show The National Playlist (2005–2006), and the CBC Radio One show Q, which he co-created and hosted from 2007 to 2014, until fired by the CBC. Q, which features interviews with prominent cultural and entertainment figures, became the highest rated show in its timeslot in CBC history.

In April 2015, Canadian entrepreneur Michael Elder, the son of Jim Elder, attempted to sue the magazine to prevent publication of a feature about him. [16] Superior Court dismissed the motion for an injunction and awarded the magazine $17,000 in costs. [17]

In January 2018, the magazine was accused of hiding a published negative review of steakhouse BlueBlood from its website. [18]

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Denzil Minnan-Wong Canadian municipal politician

Denzil Minnan-Wong is a Toronto city councillor representing Don Valley East, Toronto City Council Ward 16. He was the Progressive Conservative candidate for the riding of Don Valley East in the 2018 provincial election, placing a close second behind re-elected Liberal incumbent Michael Coteau.

Edward Burtynsky Canadian photographer

Edward Burtynsky is a Canadian photographer and artist known for his large format photographs of industrial landscapes.

The National Media Awards Foundation (NMAF) is a bilingual, not-for-profit institution whose mission is to recognize excellence in the content and creation of Canadian magazines and Canadian digital publishing through two annual awards programs: the National Magazine Awards (NMAs) and the Digital Publishing Awards (DPAs).

Craig Kielburger Canadian childrens rights advocate

Craig Kielburger CM is a Canadian human rights activist and social entrepreneur. He is the co-founder, with his brother Marc Kielburger, of WE Charity, as well as WE Day and the independent social enterprise ME to WE. On April 11, 2008, Kielburger was named a Member of the Order of Canada by the Governor General of Canada. He currently serves on the advisory board of the Leaders' Debates Commission.

Stephen Marche is a Canadian novelist, essayist, and cultural commentator. He is an alumnus of The University of King's College and of City College of New York (CUNY). In 2005, he received a doctorate in early modern English drama from the University of Toronto. He taught Renaissance drama at CUNY until 2007, when he resigned in order to write full-time.

Rod Jackson is a former politician in Ontario, Canada. He was elected to Barrie City Council in 2006 and served until 2010. He was a Progressive Conservative member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 2011 to 2014 who represented the riding of Barrie. He served as the CEO of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce from 2016 to 2017. He is now the President of iPi inc. a public affairs firm

Jennifer Baichwal documentary filmmaker

Jennifer Baichwal is an award-winning Canadian documentary filmmaker, writer and producer.

The 2020 Ontario Liberal Party leadership election will be held on March 7, 2020 following the resignation of Kathleen Wynne as leader on June 7, 2018, after over five years as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, a major provincial political party in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Jennifer Keesmaat Canadian urban planner

Jennifer Keesmaat is a Canadian urban planner who served as Chief City Planner of Toronto from 2012 to 2017. On August 28, 2017, she announced that she would resigned her position as Chief Planner, effective September 29 of the same year, to pursue other interests. Subsequently, she accepted a teaching position at the University of Toronto. In March 2018, Keesmaat took a position as the CEO of Creative Housing Society, an independent non-profit group dedicated to creation of affordable housing projects.

Sid Neigum

Sid Neigum is a Canadian fashion designer. He currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

In late 2014, Canadian radio host Jian Ghomeshi was arrested and charged with four counts of sexual assault, and one count of overcoming resistance by choking, in relation to three complainants. He was charged with three additional counts related to three more women on January 8, 2015. On October 1, 2015, Ghomeshi pleaded not guilty to one count of choking and four counts of sexual assault. The trial began on February 1, 2016. He was acquitted of all five charges on March 24, 2016.

Robyn Urback is a Canadian journalist and political commentator based in Toronto, Ontario. She is known for her work at the National Post, and as of 2016 writes an opinion column for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Miranda de Pencier is a Canadian film and television director and producer. She is most noted for her 2011 film Throat Song, which won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Live Action Short Drama at the 1st Canadian Screen Awards.

Nicholas de Pencier

Nicholas de Pencier is a Canadian cinematographer and filmmaker. The spouse and professional partner of filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal in Mercury Films, he is the cinematographer and producer on most of her films as well as codirector of the films Long Time Running. and Anthropocene: The Human Epoch. He was also solo director of the 2016 documentary Black Code.

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch is a Canadian documentary film, which premiered at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival. The third film in a series of collaborations between filmmakers Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de Pencier with photographer Edward Burtynsky, following Manufactured Landscapes and Watermark, the film explores the emerging concept of a geological epoch called the Anthropocene, defined by the impact of humanity on natural development. It is part of the larger Anthropocene Project which includes museum shows that opened at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the National Gallery of Canada in September 2018 and the publication of two books, one centered on essays, and the other one on photographs. The film is narrated by Alicia Vikander.


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