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Troy Hartman (born October 31, 1971) is a professional aerial stuntman, skydiver and inventor. He is an X Games gold medalist for skysurfing and accomplished television host for many shows, most notably the MTV series "Senseless Acts of Video". [1] He was the face of the award-winning 1998 Pepsi Super Bowl commercial. [2]


Most recently, Troy built a jet-powered personal backpack and used it on skis and in flight. With the device he was capable of skiing uphill and attaining speeds of up to 47 mph. [3] It can take off from the ground.

He is currently developing a jet wing similar to that used by Yves Rossy. [4]

Life and works

Hartman began his work in aviation as a cadet at the United States Air Force Academy, where he developed his skills as a pilot and skydiver. [5] He took up skysurfing in 1993 and competed professionally in the sport alongside Rob Harris (skysurfer) and Patrick de Gayardon. Upon winning the 1997 X Games, he was chosen for the 1998 Pepsi "Goose" Super Bowl commercial, which was voted the #1 ad by the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter. [6]

In 1999, Troy was selected as the host and stuntman for the MTV show "Senseless Acts of Video". Over three seasons of the show, he performed multiple first-ever stunts, including the "Plane-to-Plane Skydiving Transfer" [7] and "Parachute on Fire". [8]

Some of Hartman's other television show appearances include hosting 13 episodes of No Boundaries on The WB Television Network, [9] host of the Discovery Channel series "Secrets to Survival", [10] and a stint as the weather man for Good Morning America. [11]

In 2008, Troy began working on his version of the "Jet Wing", which led to the development of a personal jet-backpack. In January 2011, he tested this new device on skis, which proved capable of propelling him uphill and at speeds reaching close to 50 mph. [12] In August 2012, Troy successfully used his jet-backpack to fly with a "speed wing", as part of testing toward his jetwing design.

Troy has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Personal life

Troy is married to Sara Hartman and has a daughter Sofia.

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