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Truckload Of Trouble
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Truckload Of Trouble
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Truckload Of Trouble is a compilation album by The Pastels, released in 1993. [2] The album compiles songs from their EPs and singles released between 1986 and 1993, with some popular album tracks. Included are well known songs such as "Comin' Through", "Nothing to be Done", "Truck Train Tractor", "Crawl Babies", "Speeding Motorcycle" and "Baby Honey". [3]


Critical reception

Trouser Press called the compilation "not simply a useful introduction to the Pastels, [but] also a handy seven-year stack of nifty 45s by a casually exceptional singles band." [4] Reviewing the 2005 reissue, Exclaim! wrote that "tracks culled from [the band's] late '80s golden period (especially the mighty 'Comin' Through') are the highest of this hour of highlights." [5]

Track listing

  1. "Thank You for Being You"
  2. "Thru' Your Heart"
  3. "Firebell Ringing"
  4. "Kitted Out"
  5. "Comin' Through"
  6. "Over My Shoulder"
  7. "Truck Train Tractor"
  8. "Crawl Babies"
  9. "Nothing to Be Done"
  10. "Different Drum" (Michael Nesmith)
  11. "Not Unloved"
  12. "Baby Honey"
  13. "Speeding Motorcycle" (Daniel Johnston)
  14. "Speedway Star"
  15. "What You Said"
  16. "Dark Side of Your World"
  17. "Sometimes I Think About You"
  18. "Sign Across Me"

"Baby Honey", "Speedway Star" and "Not Unloved" are re-recorded versions as opposed to the original versions. This compilation is the third time they have recorded "Baby Honey" for a studio release, having previously done so in both 1984 (for their "Million Tears" single) and 1986 (for their first album, Up for a Bit with The Pastels). They have also recorded it twice for the BBC. Several songs have also been slightly remixed.

The single version of "Crawl Babies" that is included is also a different recording from the version on Up for a Bit, with a more jangly guitar tone and a much faster tempo. It is also slightly longer.


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