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ReleasedMarch 7, 1995
Recorded1994 in California
Genre Heavy metal, alternative metal
Label CMC International
Producer Beau Hill
Warrant chronology
Dog Eat Dog
The Best of Warrant
Singles from Ultraphobic
  1. "Family Picnic"
    Released: 1995
  2. "Stronger Now"
    Released: 1995
  3. "Followed"
    Released: 1995
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Ultraphobic is the fourth studio album by American rock band Warrant. Released on March 7, 1995 on CMC International, after the apparent break-up of the band, the record was regarded as the band's "comeback" album. It is the first album to feature former Kingdom Come and Wild Horses members Rick Steier and James Kottak who came in to replace original band members Joey Allen and Steven Sweet. [3]


Musical style

Ultraphobic saw Warrant acknowledging the Grunge phenomenon with a record that openly admitted to a Seattle influence, although it was still a natural progression from the hard edged Dog Eat Dog . [4] It is vaguely similar to Danger Danger's Dawn , which was also released in 1995. In particular, the record represented an experimentation with the grunge sounds which had by this time become popular, and which, ironically, had contributed to the band's commercial demise. In songs such as "Undertow" and "Followed" the band attempted to mix pop metal sounds with the alternative stylings of Seattle bands such as Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

Production and marketing

Warrant began recording Ultraphobic in November 1994 with producer Beau Hill. The band supported the release of the record with a national tour beginning in Dallas, Texas.

A music video was made for the first single "Family Picnic" with a strong message against family violence and for the second single "Stronger Now", which Jani Lane refers to as the best song he has ever written. "Followed" was released as the third single of the album.


Lyrically the album appears to have been heavily influenced by the painful divorce endured by vocalist Jani Lane during the record's production.[ citation needed ]

Track listing

1."Undertow"Jani Lane, Rick Steier3:12
2."Followed"Beau Hill, Jani Lane, Jerry Dixon3:41
3."Family Picnic"Beau Hill, James Kottak, Jani Lane, Jerry Dixon4:43
4."Sum of One"Jani Lane3:37
5."Chameleon"Jani Lane, Jerry Dixon, Rick Steier5:23
6."Crawl Space"Jani Lane, Rick Steier2:38
7."Live Inside of You"Erik Turner, James Kottak, Jani Lane, Rick Steier3:17
8."High"Jani Lane, M. Tanner, Rick Steier4:02
9."Ride #2"Erik Turner, Jani Lane, Jerry Dixon5:07
10."Ultraphobic"James Kottak, Jani Lane, Rick Steier3:25
11."Stronger Now"Jani Lane3:57
Total length:43:03


Additional personnel


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