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Umut (IPA:  [ˈumut] ) is a gender neutral given name of Turkish and Kurdish origin.

In Turkish the meaning is hope.

In Kurdish the meaning is vein.


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Diyarbakır Province Province of Turkey

Diyarbakır Province, is a province in southeastern Turkey. The province covers an area of 15,355 km2 and its population is 1,528,958. The provincial capital is the city of Diyarbakır. The province has a Kurdish majority and is considered part of Turkish Kurdistan.

Hakkâri Province Province of Turkey

Hakkâri Province, is a province in the southeast of Turkey. The administrative centre is the city of Hakkâri. The province covers an area of 7,121 km² and had a population of 286,470 in 2018. The province was created in 1936 out of Van Province and borders Şırnak Province to the west, Van Province to the north, Iran to the east, and Iraq to the south. The current Governor is İdris Akbıyık. The province is a stronghold for Kurdish nationalism and a hotspot in the Kurdish–Turkish conflict.

Yılmaz Güney Kurdish film director, scenarist, novelist and actor

Yılmaz Güney was a Kurdish film director, screenwriter, novelist, and actor. He quickly rose to prominence in the Turkish film industry. Many of his works were devoted to the plight of ordinary working-class people in Turkey. Güney won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1982 for the film Yol he co-produced with Şerif Gören. He was at constant odds with the Turkish government because of his portrayals of Kurdish culture, people and language in his movies. After his conviction in a trial in 1974 for killing a judge, something Yılmaz claimed to be innocent of, he fled the country and later lost his citizenship. One year before his death, in 1983, he co-founded the Kurdish Institute of Paris along with the Kurdish poets Cegerxwîn and Hejar among others.

Aziz was originally a Northwest Semitic Phoenician-Aramaic-Hebrew-Arabic word, but is now much more commonly known as a Central Semitic Arabic male name. The feminine form of both the adjective and the given name is Aziza.

Mahmud is a transliteration of the male Arabic given name محمود, common in most parts of the Islamic world. It comes from the Arabic triconsonantal root Ḥ-M-D, meaning praise, along with Muhammad.

Sheikh Said Kurdish Rebellion Leader

Sheikh Said of Palu was a Kurdish sheikh, the main leader of the Sheikh Said rebellion and a Sheikh of the Naqshbandi order.

Hope is a 1970 Turkish drama film, written and directed by Yılmaz Güney and Şerif Gören, featuring Güney as an illiterate horse cab driver, who, after losing one of his horses in an accident, sets out into the desert in a quest for a mythical lost treasure. The film, which wasn't released at the time because of a ban by Film Control Commission in Turkey, won awards at the 2nd Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, the 7th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival and was screened at the 23rd Cannes Film Festival.

Şerif Gören is a Turkish film director. Aside from important movies under his own signature, he is also the winner of the Palme d'Or award in Cannes Film Festival in 1982 for the film Yol, which he had directed on behalf of Yılmaz Güney, who at the time was serving a prison sentence for the murder of Yumurtalık judge Sefa Mutlu.

Umut Bulut Turkish footballer

Umut Bulut is a Turkish professional footballer who plays for Eyüpspor. Between 2007 and 2018, he made 39 appearances and scored ten goals for the Turkey national team.

Çelebi is a town and district of Kırıkkale Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey.

Kamran is a Persian male given name meaning 'prosperous, fortunate'. The name is commonly used in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Variants include Kâmran and Kamuran.

Sheikh Said rebellion Kurdish rebellion following the abolition of the Caliphate

The Sheikh Said Rebellion or Genç Incident was a rebellion in east of Anatolia in 1925 led by Sheikh Said aimed at reviving an Islamic caliphate against the newly-founded Turkish Republic. The rebellion was mostly led by Zaza speakers, but also gained support among some of the neighboring Kurmanji speaking Kurds in the region. It was led by Sheikh Said and members of the Azadî organization led by Halid Beg Cibran.

Şırnak Province Province of Turkey

Şırnak Province is a province of Turkey in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. Şırnak Province was created in 1990, with areas that were formerly part of the Siirt and Mardin Provinces. It borders both Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Syria. The current Governor of the province is Ali Hamza Pehlivan. As of 2013, the province had an estimated population of 475,255 people.

Kadir is the primary transliteration of two Arabic male given names and. It's also one of the names of God in Islam, meaning "Almighty".

Yüksel is a Turkish given name and surname meaning "rise!", imperative of "yükselmek". Notable people with the name include:

Ihsan is an Arabic masculine given name.

Bulut is a Turkish given name for men and a surname and may refer to:

The Thousand Hope Candidates was an electoral alliance between four left-wing political parties in Turkey, formed in preparation for the 2007 general election. The alliance contested the election by fielding candidates from participating parties as independents in order to bypass the 10% election threshold needed to win seats in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The alliance's candidates won a total of 1,334,518 votes and 22 seats in the election.

Umut Dilan Bozok is a Turkish professional footballer who plays as a striker for Süper Lig club Kasımpaşa, on loan from Ligue 1 club Lorient.

Racism-Turanism trials Trials in Turkey

During the Racism Turanism trials the prosecution accused the defendants of spreading racist and Turanist ideologies and attempting a coup on the Turkish Government. The trials were triggered by nationalist manifestations on the 3 May 1944 in support of Nihal Atsiz who was on trial against Sabahattin Ali for defamation and lasted between May 1944 and March 1947.